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Isles place Sim on waivers

The Islanders have put Jon Sim on waivers. Sim missed essentially all of last season with a knee injury. Tough case, because before his injury (albeit under a different coach, in just preseason and one regular season game), he looked like a useful piece with some touch for a scrappy team. But except for the truly elite (and even they are not immune), the first season after missing that much time for knee rehab is usually trying, as things just don't work like they did pre-injury.

Apparently, he's not considered a good fit in coach Scott Gordon's aggressive forechecking system. It can't be about attitude because Sim is a team-first guy who plays hard. It has to be about ability to play the system. This likely is a sign of things to come for players who don't conform to the mold Gordon is seeking.

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If Sim sticks -- I doubt anyone would claim him if the 28th-place Isles don't want him -- I could see him eventually getting back to an effective form, even in Scott Gordon's system. But not for a while. A guy like that -- who garnered a three-year, $3-million contract based on hustle and heart -- needs to be in peak health to fit in Gordon's scheme.

But Sim was a pre-rebuild signing, and this is a way of saying he doesn't fit the long-term rebuild and he's not helping the short term like, say, Doug Weight. So waive him just in case someone claims his contract. But they won't.

Sim has averaged 12:53 of ice time under Gordon, but he's had under 8 minutes in two of the last three games.

2008 - Jon Sim 28 5 2 7 -8 28 3 0 0 0 52 9.6