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Islanders vs. Thrashers [Game Thread]

Blade-square_medium Atl-28_medium

New York Islanders (4-7-1) at Atlanta Thrashers (3-7-2)

7 p.m. EST | [electronics of some sort] Arena | MSG+

Thrashers sites: AJC beat | Blueland Blog (official) | Thrashers Talons

Joey MacDonald 4-4-1 / 3.07 / .903
Ondrej Pavelec 1-0 / 2.25 / .889

Bergenheim still out with flu recovery ... The Towering Fritz is in ... Tambellini jazzed to not be in the press box. The crowd looks, uh -- like "crowd" is just not the right word.

Thrashers D-man Boris Valabik, in for the injured Mathieu Schneider, is 6'7", 240 lbs. So his eyes would line up with Mitch Fritz's mustache for sure. He's from Nitra, Slovakia, a former Olympic Team lab site* back in the Iron Curtain days.

*a blatant falsehood. Actually, Nitra is a charming, historic city that is more than 1,000 years old. No idea what's in the water, though.