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Ding-dong, the Islanders win

The witch isn't dead, but the six-game winless streak is over. It took cardiac moments -- and required Chris Campoli scoring twice in OT -- but the Islanders finally took two points from a game again. Campoli's first OT "goal" ripped through the net (video below), but play continued and he hammered another one that stayed in the goal a little longer. It was his third of the night, although only two counted.

The sorry part is the Islanders blew a three-goal lead. In the third period. At home. For the second game in a row. The redemption lies in the fact they didn't look nearly as bad doing it this time -- the Blue Jackets goals were actually a little bit of tough luck. And they responded much better this time, pressing the game and, in OT, converting a chance (or two).



"Tonight wasn't the optimal way of doing it, but we found a way to do it under trying circumstances ... It was like [we knew how to respond] because we've been through it before ...They knew what was at stake, and they weren't going to let it happen again."

--Islanders coach Scott Gordon

I particularly appreciated that Islander killer RJ Umberger scored two goals after I ribbed his first-line qualifications. You know, sometimes I really hate karma.

The Islanders opened their 3-0 lead with Bill Guerin smoothly converting a breakaway (he had a head start, out of the penalty box) and by crashing the net and seeing what sticks. Not a beautiful game. Not a perfect one. But an exciting one that displayed some positive signs in this season-long, injury-handicapped rebuilding experiment. Heading into Madison Square Garden for the third game in four nights, we'll take it.