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RMD: Witt back, Okposo out, Skinner, Sill' Down

The Islanders confirmed the earlier report that Mike Sillinger will do some reconditioning down in AHL Bridgeport this weekend. Also announced:

  • Kyle Okposo sustained an "arm" injury last night. Expected to miss one week. He's been a wee sluggish lately; maybe a timeout will help the youngster.
  • Brendan Witt is coming off IR and will be ready for the weekend!
  • As Witt rejoins, Brett Skinner goes down to the Sound Tigers. Skinner appeared in 11 games and showed he could be a serviceable non-liability.
  • The Okposo thing is an unknown. He took a lot of whacks last night, but the one week projection sounds like no broken bone, and perhaps no sprain, either. Who knows, maybe it's something that will linger yet might be "playable" in about a week's time.