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Early Isles stats: Guerin shoots, Hunter hits, Tamby lays an egg

When appropriate, I will put stuff like this in table format once we get a better picture of things. But for now, through 16 games, here are some random bits of statitude that probably don't mean much ... yet:

It Takes the Shoulder and Puts it on the Body
Trent Hunter, as is his wont, by far leads the Isles in hits with 55. Mark Streit is next with 26. When a forward throws twice as many hits as the next guy and leads his team in goals (7), and is tops among forwards in shooting% at 13.2% -- his name is "The Trent Hunter Isles Fans Were Dying To See Again."

Faceoffs, and Other Crap Travolta Films
Doug Weight has taken the most faceoffs (270), but -- as you've surely noticed -- he's the worst of the regulars at winning them, at 45.6%. Richard Park is best, at 55.7% on his 158 faceoffs taken. Small sample size, but one Josh Bailey is next at 54% on 37 taken. Something to watch there.

If You Don't Shoot, You Don't Score. If You Do Shoot, You ... Yeah, Probably Don't Score Either
Bill Guerin, per usual, has taken the most shots by far: 74. Next is ... heh, Hunter with 53. Maybe we start calling Trent Hunter "Old Bill Guerin." Guerin is also "tops" in missed shots, with 20.

Stay Out of the Box!
In Forechecker's Penalty +/-, Hans 'N Frans Nielsen is top 10 in the league at +8: 9 fouls drawn, 1 committed. Park is next on the Isles at +4 (9 minus 5). After that, it gets ugly.

Blocked Shots
It's been mentioned on the broadcasts, but giant Andy Sutton leads with 33 blocked shots. Surprisingly, Andy Hilbert is next with 30, then Streit with 26.

Speaking of Hilbert, it must be said that stats-wise, Jeff Tambellini (who's destiny, should he accept it, may follow Hilbert's) has got not much of anything. Not just points, but all of these other "little" things don't show up amid his 0G, 2A, -6, 1.8 shots/game. He has at least thrown 15 hits, good for 5th among Islander forwards. He is a player in search of either a few good breaks, or a whole new role. He has shown "little things" spark in recent games, though. And he hasn't exactly gotten a ton of powerplay time, at 1:23 per game. Someone like him shows just how thin the line is between establishing yourself and being an "AHL scorer." In the end, his speed may save him a "useful part" role at this level.

Puck Giveth, and Puck Taketh Away

Park, Hilbert and Hunter have the most takeaways with 16,15,15, respectively. Giveaways are lower and more spread out -- and it's early -- but Streit, Bergenheim, Okposo and Guerin (18, 13, 12, 12) are all vying for that lead.