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A glimpse into the NHL GM chatroom

An anonymous source, going by the handle "NSmith94," sent me an excerpt from yesterday's posts on what he called NHL GM Chatroom (beta). Before I post this, let me say I tried to get NSmith94's real name, but he wouldn't budge. He did tell me he is a very successful former league executive who has a "bold approach to changing culture that allows teams to galvanize into champions," and he claims he currently runs an "NHLGM" site (this one? Who knows.).

So obviously, I cannot vouch for its validity. I didn't even realize NHL GMs had Internet access. Take it for what you will. Don't know if this is a typical day's activity, or if GMs were particularly abuzz with Brian Burke stepping down in Anaheim. Anyway, the full excerpt is after the jump.

TorontoOrBust: Cliffy, if you're out there, the Getzlaf deal is off.

LoweOnOil: @TorontoOrBust: #$% you, Irish.

SilverFox: How does this chat work?

Darth Lou: Burkey, what happened?

TorontoOrBust: Bosses caught wind of the deal. Lots of meetings. Raised voices. On the bright side, my situation will be resolved this afternoon.

Darth Lou: "Resolved?" You mean my cap loophole suggestion worked?

TorontoOrBust: Not that situation. My "Project Foliage" situation.

LoweOnOil: @TorontoOrBust: #$% you, Irish.

SilverFox: How does this thing work?

TorontoOrBust: Look, I don't want to hide things. I wanna be straight with you guys. So just letting you know, once things settle down, I'll be offering Jason Blake.

ThrashWad: I'll take him! We must make the playoffs. I must make the playoffs. I must make it to the playoffs.

TorontoOrBust: Don, I'm gonna need a blue-chipper. Something Zhitnik-for-Coburn-like.

ThrashWad: Deal!

SnowKeeper: @ThrashWad: Whoa, Don, if you want UFA vets for draft picks, I'm your man. You got Tkachuk once. Now complete the cycle: Guerin, Weight. Very American. Should sell well in Atlanta.

BoltsLaw: Don, don't do it! Early first-rounders are a sure thing!

SnowKeeper: Oh, no they're not. But they don't need to be sold on your building.

SilverFox: I can't hear a dial tone. How does this all work?

TorontoOrBust: @SilverFox: Cliffy, please give Mats a call. $10M prorated should be good. We can check on the cap room later.

DarthLou: Um, Burkey, remember what we talked about with the calculator...? Not every player accepts reassignment to Russia.

Admin: GUYS. REMEMBER WHAT WE SAID ABOUT DEALING PLAYERS ON TEAMS BEFORE YOU WORK FOR THEM? IT'S NOT ALLOWED. This isn't disciplinary suspension policy stuff -- it's pretty cut-and-dried.

TorontoOrBust: @Admin: Hey, I've got a signed contract. It's just not on file with the league.

LoweOnOil: #$% you, Irish.

BootsMillions: I'd like to get in on Blake. I just want to deal. This is a rush. I'm soooo big-time. Any of you guys ever golfed with Lemieux or Luc? I have, baby.

BoltsSawGuy: Please, Boots. I know everyone in Hollywood. @BoltsLaw: Brian -- get Blake. And a latte, skim.

Admin: GUYS. Please don't share your GM Chatroom accounts with minority owners. They usually have not been vetted, and this creates obvious problems.

SilverFox: How does this thing work?

IronMike: Riser, you out there? I'm thinking Kipper for Owen Nolan, what do you say?


TorontoOrBust: Everyone: This is Burkie. I'm just posting this for Cliff because he can't get his Internets to work. He phoned me and asked me to tell everyone: Jason Blake is available. But you'll have to outbid Atlanta. Also: He won't go to Edmonton.

Admin: Good time to remind everyone of the Lindros Rule: You can only deal a player to one team at a time.

LoweOnOil: #$% you, Irish.

DynastyGlen: So I've been reading Gogol's "Dead Souls," and I think we have a slam-dunk case in the Cherepanov situation.

Admin: Please, Glen, not here. Not now.


JFJ: Hey guys ... long time, no see. What's new?

DarthLou: Jr., my boy! How've you been?

JFJ: Alright. Little TV work. If you hear of any openings, let me know.

Admin: #$%@!!! Has anyone here read a policy manual of any kind?! Or is it all old school "street knowledge" with you lot? What a freaking old boys club...

DontSayNo2Nonis: Hey everybody, what's doin'?

TorontoOrBust has logged off.

LoweOnOil has logged off.

DontSayNo2Nonis: Guys...?

BootsMillions: @DontSayNo2Nonis: Oh, let me tell you Dave. Lots goin' on. Lots. I've got info you wouldn't believe. You wanna make a deal? A win-win? I can make it happen.

DynastyGlen has logged off.

DarthLou has logged off.

IronMike has logged off.

SilverFox: How does this thing work?