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This Frontier is now Lighthouse Hockey

Thanks again to those of you who shared your thoughts and condolences over the past couple of weeks. Without overplaying the violin here, you should know that as I checked email for business and estate-arrangement affairs, it was cool to see your sentiments come in. Cool to be reminded of hockey, too.

Dealing with my father's passing postponed what I had planned for the opening of the new season: A move, one more time, to a good home. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago -- and now that I've caught up on the season's opening games -- this little "Islander Frontier" blogspot hereby morphs into Lighthouse Hockey, a site on the SB Nation blog network.

There's an intro post here, with bio stuff you may have read before.

There's a welcome fanpost here, which goes in more detail about the features and ease of use that make it worth creating a (free!) SB Nation account.

I'm really excited about the move. I've always enjoyed the SB Nation format for other sports teams I follow (accept my apologies for the Wainwright/Beltran strikeout), and I wanted there to be one for the Islanders. SB Nation generally has a reliable function and clean design, and the easy user template allows not only comments but also live game interaction and visiting writer/fan Fanposts.

Thanks again to everyone for following along and chiming in here and at the old site. And if you'll bear with me for one last move and bookmark change, I encourage you to check Lighthouse Hockey out. That's where I'll be. Drop by, leave a comment or fanpost when the mood strikes you. Maybe chime in on the other SB Nation NHL team blogs when we play them, and of course (for you bloggers) link back to your spot(s) in the Islanders blogosphere.