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Islanders: Last in revenues, again

This probably surprises no one, but Forbes' annual NHL biz numbers show the Islanders are again 30th in revenues. That's three years running. [Note: the figures include what a team gets from revenue sharing, and the Islanders -- as a "large market" team -- do not receive any revenue sharing goodies.] But do not despair: Forbes has the Isles at 29th ($154 million) in franchise value! Take that, Phoenix!

James Mirtle is all over it at his new location on this here blog network. He takes a historical look at the post-lockout trends. Some of the trajectories of other teams will surprise you.

So what does this mean for the Islanders? Well, situation unchanged. The Islanders need the new arena, period.

Soon would be nice -- particularly with global financial conditions changing rapidly -- but that's been the refrain for the past decade+. Fifteen-year contracts and such aside, we're very lucky for Charles Wang's patience.

These are Forbes figures, of course -- so they'll probably be disputed by every NHL owner. But it's an illustrative picture. In operating income, Forbes has the Islanders losing $8.8 million last season (the figure or phrase commonly thrown around is that "Charles Wang loses $20 million a year" on the club). That $8.8M loss, by the way, is better than only Buffalo, Florida, Phoenix and Carolina.

What do you think? "Stay the course, the Lighthouse Project will be approved someday"? Or start hoarding canned goods and vintage Islanders game videos?