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Blade Splinters 29-Oct-08

A few notes while anticipating the big game in Philadelphia...

  • If you don't have Center Ice or its online version, GameCenter Live, what the hell is wrong with you?! they'll have a free trial of the online version Thursday (Oct. 30). Thank you, Winging It In Motown. There will be 12 games that night. Your social life can wait. Domestic tasks, too.
  • In case anyone still doubted Doug Weight's intentions or character, he's been nothing but thoughtful and compassionate about the Brandon Sutter hit.
  • Scott Gordon is mixing up the lines: Okposo-Nielsen-Hunter. Tambellini-Comrie-Sim. He said he gave it time, now it's time for something else. I can see the latter getting something done. Meanwhile, Comrie needs something to get him going.
  • Brendan Shanahan is tired of waiting by the phone, wondering if she really means it when she says she'll call. So he's opened up his heart (to Larry Brooks, of course) with a verbal "Dear Glen" letter. Shanny's moving on ... unless you reeeeally want me! The Rangers seem fine without him -- for now, anyway.