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New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders [Game Thread]

Nyr-ge_medium Nassau-square_medium

Short Island Smurfs (8-2-1) at New York Islanders (2-5-0)

7 p.m. EDT | MSG+

Rangers blogs | Honestly, there's a ton, and I never know my favorite

So ... as mentioned, the Isles are hurt (we think), Weight feels sorry but not guilty, and Joey McDonald starts with Yann Denis backing up. Former P-Bruin (under Gordon) blueliner Brett Skinner is up from Bridgeport. Meanwhile, Tom Renney is OK after taking a stick to his head during a game (Rutherford IS on to something!), and Renney's team -- despite its hot start -- doesn't think it's played up to potential, but it's looking forward to this as "another home game."

Oh, do put on the foil. It is time!