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Wang accused by ex-Isles co-owner

The elephant in the room has returned.
Kumar alleges Wang "insisted that CA 'stonewall" the government probe of CA, arguing it would eventually "go away."

... Kumar said he and Wang had a major falling out after Kumar introduced a new business model in 2000, alleging Wang "was regretting giving up the CEO title." So Wang fired him over breakfast in November 2001, he alleges, though CA's board reaffirmed Kumar's post at a subsequent meeting.
Kumar is in a position to want to help anyone to lighten his 12-year prison sentence, so the credibility of his accusations will likely always be in question. That said, it always made me nervous that Kumar was to be "in the joint" while Wang hangs on to the Islanders, giving Kumar an axe to grind. If nothing else, it means accusations like this might resurface at any time.