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Sillinger low on lubricant

I cringe when I read about Mike Sillinger's setback from hip surgery recovery -- not just because he's a pretty valuable forward whose game is dependent on speed (and a healthy hip) -- but because it sounds like the whole process is bloody painful:
As part of the surgery, he had two holes drilled in his hip. He has regained strength in the hip muscles, but he said the joint is tight and the muscles aren't firing properly yet...

... In mid-July, Sillinger suffered what he described as "a little setback" because his hip joint wasn't producing the normal amount of lubrication and required an injection to speed the process.
Two holes drilled. An injection of lubricant. An oil change. Hopefully no transmission rebuild is necessary.

This, plainly, stinks. Sometimes an older veteran's longer summer recovery is a bonus: They play fewer games and add fewer miles, avoiding the dregs of the season that wear players down. But for Sillinger's hip to be this touchy eight months after surgery does not look good. Speed is so essential to his combination of hockey smarts and high-energy play that makes him such an effective two-way forward. Without it ... ack, he becomes just another grinder.