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File under 'Creepy'

Whoa. Former NHL agent David Frost, awaiting trial for charges of sexual exploitation, has had his bail amended in a Canada court to enable him to leave the country to attend Phoenix Coyotes training camp and "monitor the progress" of Adam Keefe.

How does that happen?

You may remember Frost's association with Keefe's brother, Sheldon. He's also the agent who had the, um, uncomfortable representation of Mike Danton, the former Devils/Blues forward who's in prison for arranging to have Frost killed. Danton was likewise estranged from his family and had his surname changed. I think you catch the vibe that surrounds Frost.

I occasionally play rec hockey at the rink where Danton met the teenage rink girl through whom he eventually found a prospective "hit man" (it was an undercover cop), and I still think of that bizarre scenario whenever I walk into the place. It drives home again how predators who take advantage of young, vulnerable adolescents are bad, bad people; they have a knack for finding the easiest prey.

Kudos to Coyotes GM Don Maloney for coming out and forcefully saying Frost isn't welcome. (Warning to Maloney: Frost generally doesn't take "no" for an answer, so this could get ugly.)

On that note, I must admit it's nice to see Maloney at the helm somewhere. Of course his tenure in Long Island was "rough" to say the least -- I still have a wound from the Turgeon/Muller fiasco -- I must admit he was thrust into the role early in his post-playing career and at a difficult time for the franchise. Since his firing, years spent as a scout and assistant GM -- paying his dues like he did as a player -- earned him another chance. That's fair enough.