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Fall appetizers

Some weekend tidbits:

... It was the Frans Nielsen/Trent Hunter show in the Isles' preseason win over Florida. Nice to hear Gordon's pressure game unsettled the Panthers.

... I know it's fall, not because of the weather or calendar, but because they're laying down the ice at the Coliseum. Hmmm...wonder if they have that shade of orange paint at Home Depot?

... On an innocent cab ride, Islander Outsider finds an example of the Islanders' product placement strategy in action.

... A local Canadian pub, the Daily Gleaner, runs a Q&A with Isles' property Rob Hennigar. Hennigar, the all-time leading scorer in U. of New Brunswick history, is the interesting case of a 25-year-old Canadian college player signed to his first professional deal last spring, representing Garth Snow's attempt to accumulate assets/depth by turning over leaves wherever he can find them. A no-risk move. Likely depth, but who knows -- maybe a late bloomer who could fill a role in the NHL? Hennigar talks about the grind of pro training camp, the "love the game" attitude a player needs to keep going, and lining up in the same uniform as his favorite NHL player, Doug Weight.

More from the same pub on what Scott Gordon thinks of Hennigar's chances:

"He has to identify that there's more in the tank than he's using. The biggest thing is how quickly can he make the adjustment to become quicker on the ice and more explosive, and play out of that comfort zone.

"That's all up to him. If he doesn't do that, it's going to be pretty hard for him because the pace of the play is a lot faster than Canadian college."