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Islanders after Schneider?

Throw this one in the "curious rumor" pile. As Islesblogger points out, TSN's Darren Dreger says Garth Snow has been "persistent" about keeping the Islanders "in the mix" for Mats Sundin. I'm sure that, if true, that's a one-way persistence. Since Sundin doesn't even know whether he's playing (I wonder how he decides on what to eat for breakfast), "in the mix" would include any team that's still bothering to call Sundin's agent. The Isles lose nothing by going after a player who almost certainly won't sign here.

But I'm fatigued by the Sundin Saga.

More realistic, yet almost equally strange to me, is later mention in the TSN article that the Islanders are one of the teams after Mathieu Schneider, whom Anaheim must move (here we go again) to make room for Teemu Selanne (here we go again).

It's like the Bryan McCabe drama all over again. Are the Isles really looking to add another d-man? Would the Ducks only want a lower-salaried d-man in return? How badly would we want Schneider on the Isles blueline? Harumph.