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Islander Frontier is on the move

Just an introduction to explain WTF.

If you're here, you may have seen -- and even occasionally read -- my Islanders blog at MVN. The format there wasn't ideal for me, so I decided to quit and strike out on my own. But I left that blog location in good hands. It was a peaceful parting.

This may just be only a transition, it may not be. But one thing I learned about myself during this disengagement from the old spot is that ... I still want to write about the Islanders.

I actually thought about tackling the Blues, my other favorite team (my NHL bigamy is another story, albeit quite defensible). Considering I'm in St. Louis, they are quite a bit more geographically accessible. But the Blues have wounded me too many times over the years. [This is the part where Islanders fans gasp and say, "You mean there are others?"] I'm still in rehab from the butchering delivered them by a Wal-Mart heiress' spouse who bought the Blues as a toy and treated them like one that was going out of style.

Besides, I find I'm more objective when discussing the Isles -- admittedly, being insulated from lunatic radio callers might help -- and frankly, I enjoy it more, too: My childhood introduction to playing and watching hockey is inextricably tied to their history and glory years. And they have Deb Kaufman, which is nice.

So my sports-blogging heart is with this storied club, its ups and downs, and its merry band of passionate fellow fans (and bloggers).