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NHL and Global Hockey News: Panthers out, Blues down, Denmark tops Canada

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Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Trotz flirtations, Panthers on the brink

Everybody wants to talk to Barry.

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Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - The Reluctant Euros (with guest Desmond Zantua)

Along with Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan talk about five import players who didn’t want to become Islanders. Some stayed a little while, some longer and one not at all.

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The Latest

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 202 - Once Every 202 Episodes

Mike and Dan examine the Islanders naming Lane Lambert head coach and some big stories from the first round of the playoffs before answering listener questions.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: More on the “new voice”

Also, the old voice is already interviewing for new work.

Islanders News: Begun, the LLLL Era has

Lane Lambert speaks, and Lou Lamoriello speaks about the decision that finally allows Lambert to speak.

New York Islanders Podcasts

Life in the Fast Lane: Lambert named Islanders head coach

Lane Lambert had been a hot name for coaching openings from Colorado to Anaheim and a few other places. He’ll finally get his chance to be an NHL head coach as he steps into the position behind the Islanders bench, the team announced today.

NHL Playoff News: Second round, intrastate/province battles set

Despite an insane performance from the Stars’ Jake Oettinger in Game 7, we will have a Battle of Alberta.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Must be spring because the Leafs are out!

Happy Leafs First Round Exit Day to all those who celebrate.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Games 7 all around

There will be five of them this weekend, including three today.

Man of The Island: Trotz’s connection with Islanders fans was unique and immediate

Barry Trotz had a true connection with Islanders fans that few before him have ever achieved, let alone as quickly as he did. And he used that connection to get the players, the people and the franchise moving in the same direction.

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Islanders + NHL Playoff News: Trotz speculation vacuum, Bridgeport Game 2

On how things went south enough to fire Barry Trotz, no one knows anything except the Islanders had a tough year.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: The Isles will pick 13th overall

Well, that’s where they’re slotted, at least. It remains to be seen if they use that pick.

Islanders Top 25 Under 25

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 201 - Sufficiently Crazy Enough

Mike and Dan attempt to process the news of the Islanders firing Barry Trotz, the coach with the tightest connection to the Islanders fanbase.

Islanders News: What just happened? Who will be Trotz’s replacement?

Calling all cars, Trotz fired on Hempstead Turnpike.

The Tao of Trotz and the art of getting life advice from a hockey coach

Four years of wisdom from a one-of-a-kind Islanders coach.

Isles relieve Trotz of his duties in Monday stunner

The Islanders have fired Barry Trotz.

Islanders & NHL PLayoff News: Patrick title memories, Schneider revival, max fines

Meanwhile, a bunch of NHL playoff series get tied at 2-2.

Isles Virals

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Grades for the defensemen and goalies

Almost every team has won a game already in these playoffs.

Islanders News: Bridgeport advances on Raty OT goal, tough days for Bruins

Bridgeport wins a playoff series for the first time in a generation, sending the Bruins org to an 0-4 start to the playoffs.

Islanders & NHL Playoffs News: A delicious triple-overtime loss for the Rangers

Believe you me, I’m not happy to see the Penguins win. But I love that the Rangers lost.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 200 - More Weird Than Scary

In their 200th episode, Mike and Dan reflect on the Islanders season, the exit interviews of the players and their unique brand of interaction with listeners.

Bridgeport Islanders and NHL Playoff News: Baby Isles win Game 1, blowouts in the NHL

Cory Schneider found the fountain of youth as Bridgeport won Game 1 vs. Providence in the AHL playoffs.

Islanders & NHL News: So many playoff series to watch (but not ours)

As they break up, the Islanders reflect on tough love for youth from Barry Trotz, and Zdeno Chara’s legacy.

Islanders News: Breakup day

The Islanders finally get to close the book on this disappointing season.

Lightning 6 (EN), Islanders 4: Zdeno Chara scores in what could be his last ride

The Isles blew a lead and concede a hat trick to Steven Stamkos, while fans and the visitors salute a Hall of Famer.

Islanders Back-to-Back News/Game 82 Thread: Last game of the year

Make it count, fellas. Remember: You hate these guys.

Islanders 5, Capitals 1: Dobson hits 50, Nelson-Barzal race is on

Everything went perfectly until Varlamov lost a shutout bid with 41 seconds left.

Islanders vs. Capitals [Game #81]

The games must go on.

Islanders Gameday News: One more with the Capitals

Two more games left in the season, both at home.

Islanders News: For posterity

And for not much else.

Islanders 4, Capitals 1: Dobson’s 13th is a winner

The Isles snap a five-game winless streak with a performance they could’ve used a little more of this season.