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Summer Fodder: On Donovan and Gardiner

Jake Gardiner has been a higher offensive producer than Matt Donovan in the NCAA, AHL and the NHL, but both are 23-year-old offensive-oriented defensemen who experienced a similar phenomenon for young players

PLAYOFFS!!! [Wednesday Night Watch Thread]

I like hockey, yes I do / I like hockey, so do you

NHL Draft Lottery [open thread]

The 2014 NHL Draft Lottery is tonight, televised live at 8 p.m. EDT followed by awkward interviews with top draft-eligible prospects.

2014 LHH Playoff Bracket Pool

Put your picks where your poll is. (That's how that goes, right?)


Video: Howie torches 'minor league' Nassau County

Islanders play by play announcer Howie Rose took his shot during Tuesday night's game, in what may be the first of several rants before the team's move to Brooklyn.

Okposo, Bailey Near Exclusive Isles 400 Games Club

Not many forwards have heard their names called on draft day by the New York Islanders and later found themselves playing a 400th game in an Isles jersey. By season's end, the short list may grow by two.

Interview: Dave Schneider of The Zambonis

The lead singer and founder of the world's greatest all hockey rock band answers some questions about their creative process, their sound and their extraordinary place in the hockey world.

Tavares connects with bullied fan; is awesome

When John Tavares heard the story of an 11-year-old fan who was harassed at a game in Winnipeg for wearing his Islanders jersey, he reached out to the boy with a jersey, and invitation and good wishes.

Gawking: Reactions to Canucks collapse vs. Isles

Reactions to a historic third period in which the New York Islanders tied franchise records for themselves and for (or rather at the expense of) the Vancouver Canucks.


An Isles Fan Checks in from Australia

An Australian New York Islanders fan talk about visiting North America and taking in some sports ... and goaltending.


Final LHH Power Rankings of the Year

Try not to get choked up!

Deadline Thread II: St. Louis to NYR, more...

Wednesday's NHL trade deadline kicked off with imminent moves involving disgruntled captains Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan, and unloved Marian Gaborik.

Interview: The Hockey Monkey/Sparky the Dragon

The current mascot for the all-hockey band The Zambonis and a former Sparky the Dragon took the time to answer some questions we had about the life of a mascot and about being the Islanders lovable (and mysterious) dragon friend.

[Sunday Olympic Thread] Seeds determined today

It feels like it just began, but today marks the end of the preliminary round in Olympic men's hockey and the determination of the seeds for the knockout stage.

TV Schedule & Format: Isles at Olympics in Sochi

Below are the pertinent games, times, groupings and North American broadcasts for Austria, Canada and the U.S.A.'s opening round pool play in Sochi.


Video: Visnovsky on Olympics, Slovakian roots

Lubomir Visnovsky talks to Voice of Russia about growing up in Slovakia, playing there during the lockout, and picking up pointers from watching Scott Niedermeyer and Ray Bourque.

IslesTunes Playlist: 'The Isles' by Bjorn Falk

An Islanders-inspired song and Q&A interview with a Lighthouse Hockey reader from across the Atlantic.


Photo Gallery: Isles-Rangers at Yankee Stadium

It may have been unbearably, inhumanly cold, but the Stadium Series game (and preceding Lighthouse Hockey meetup) made for some great pictures.

Isles, Austrians Check out Yankee Stadium

It may be 20 degrees with a wind chill in the teens, but the New York Islanders are going to get their taste of outdoor skating at Yankee Stadium ahead of Wednesday night.


'Opportune' Isles-Centric Drinking Game

An Islanders-centric drinking game for those following along on TV.

LHH Power Rankings: Out of the Relegation Zone

OK there isn't relegation in the NHL, but it still feels good when your team climbs over others.

NHL Revealed: Tavares, Okposo in Spotlight

John Tavares, Kyle Okposo and Mike Bossy get places of honor in the first episode of NBC Sports' "NHL Revealed" promoting the outdoor Stadium Series games.

Know Your CBA: 'Retained Salary' Trades & Miller

NHL teams can't actually trade cap room under the 2013 CBA, but they can make trades that open up additional cap space to add high-paid players.

Jan. 29: Outdoor game LHH get-together

Lighthouse Hockey folks will gather for the outdoor game.

[Gameday Bits] Power Rankings Crawl Upward

A New York Islanders rise all the way to 26th in the NHL power rankings, made possible by the recent high altitude training in Colorado.

Win Stadium Series Tix Just for Yammering on...

By the power vested in me as keeper of SB Nation's Islanders asylum, you can win two free tickets to the upcoming non-classic "Staidum Series" outdoor game between the New York Islanders and Short Island Smurfs, er "New York Rangers."

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