This, That & What-Not


Isles Analytics Livecast Monday 7:10 pm

On Monday night, we'll talk about the Islanders offseason from an analytics angle, with illustration, and what's happening currently with the team as it's now constructed.


Hashtag Isles: Camp Anawanna

Skille is hacked, Martin is a good person. A periodic sampling of Islanders personalities and topics on Twitter. Just go with it.

AHL OT Rule Changes: Doom, or delight?


The American Hockey League announced some rule changes for 2014-15, most significantly to how overtime will be handled, and the next question is how this experiment might alter your NHL viewing...

They $#!% On Me, Too" shirts have arrived!


A new Lighthouse Hockey shirt design that was requested almost immediately and is based on an instantly classic moment that tapped into the deep well of Islanders fan psychosis. Based on Garth...


Hashtag Isles: Free agent frenzy hangover

A periodic sampling of Islanders-like things on da social medias.

Free Agency Hangover: What deals you covet, mock?


After much of the dust has settled from the opening missiles of NHL free agency, we browse around the league to do something totally appropriate for this Independence Day weekend: Covet our...

Expectations Meter: Where do you stand on 7/3/14?

Gauging New York Islanders fan expectations at various points throughout the offseason.


Hashtag Isles: Draft Day, travel time

Matt Donovan goes traveling, Michael Grabner goes...we're not sure, exactly.

LHH NHL Awards Show Open Thread


Chat here about who deserved it, who got robbed, who you covet or who the hell is this handing out this award, I've never heard of them they're probably from some crappy teen movie or NBC show.


Hashtag Isles: Game 4, World Cup, #FreeGrabs40

Who is the playoff MVP, who gave Grabner a car, and other pressing questions...


Who is Jiri Sekac?

All about the undrafted Czech KHLer, who is a sought-after free agent target for NHL teams.


'Rooting for New York' Support Group

Islanders fans: have you had a "Aren't you rooting for New York?" moment throughout the playoffs or final? If so, let's hear about them in the comments. You are not alone.


Hashtag Isles: Game Two Jitters

A periodic taste of things on Twitter that may interest the obsessive Islanders fan.


How to deal with Smurf fans this week

A fan guides you through dealing with the worst Smurfs fans in your midst.


If Bylsma's canned, would you hire him?

Would you change your battle level?

The case for Braden Holtby...and his old coach?


What really happened to Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby this year? And would the New York Islanders truly have interest in rescuing him?

Summer Fodder: On Donovan and Gardiner


Jake Gardiner has been a higher offensive producer than Matt Donovan in the NCAA, AHL and the NHL, but both are 23-year-old offensive-oriented defensemen who experienced a similar phenomenon for...

PLAYOFFS!!! [Wednesday Night Watch Thread]


I like hockey, yes I do / I like hockey, so do you

NHL Draft Lottery [open thread]


The 2014 NHL Draft Lottery is tonight, televised live at 8 p.m. EDT followed by awkward interviews with top draft-eligible prospects.

2014 LHH Playoff Bracket Pool

Put your picks where your poll is. (That's how that goes, right?)


Video: Howie torches 'minor league' Nassau County

Islanders play by play announcer Howie Rose took his shot during Tuesday night's game, in what may be the first of several rants before the team's move to Brooklyn.

Okposo, Bailey Near Exclusive Isles 400 Games Club


Not many forwards have heard their names called on draft day by the New York Islanders and later found themselves playing a 400th game in an Isles jersey. By season's end, the short list may grow...

Interview: Dave Schneider of The Zambonis


The lead singer and founder of the world's greatest all hockey rock band answers some questions about their creative process, their sound and their extraordinary place in the hockey world.

Tavares connects with bullied fan; is awesome


When John Tavares heard the story of an 11-year-old fan who was harassed at a game in Winnipeg for wearing his Islanders jersey, he reached out to the boy with a jersey, and invitation and good...

Gawking: Reactions to Canucks collapse vs. Isles


Reactions to a historic third period in which the New York Islanders tied franchise records for themselves and for (or rather at the expense of) the Vancouver Canucks.


An Isles Fan Checks in from Australia

An Australian New York Islanders fan talk about visiting North America and taking in some sports ... and goaltending.

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