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Women's 2014 kits - vote for your favourite!

Check out the top teams' kits for 2014, vote for your favourite and talk about them in the comments!

Viva Italia!


Mirror, mirror on the wall… Italians are proud of their athletes, on and off the arena. Vanity Fair Italy has chosen 14 sexiest males of a total of 345 Italian athletes competing in Beijing. Now...

Final Rounds: Which division drafted the best from 2009-2012?

Quarterback Sam Bradford #8 of the NFC West was one of the draft 1st round draft picks that the readers here at MTD, voted to say had the best draft. When the 2nd-4th round picks came up the NFC...

Bits: Renderings and Electioneering


Bits: Renderings and Electioneering

CM Punk Returns


Rey Mysterio wins the belt and loses it to Cena. Dolph Ziggler looked good tonight also. Also Zack Ryder had a match and JR is back. All of that became the back story when Punk walked out to new...

Newsday's Staple Did Vote On Season Awards


This is his ballot, choices, and an explanation of why he chose to vote despite the boycott by the local chapters of the PHWA. My personal opinion is that he chose the professional course in this matter. Who knows if the outcome would have been different if he was present for the vote, but I would bet that he received some pressure from his brethren. Kudos Mr. Staple.

Vote for us in The Shorty Awards!


We've just found out about something called The Shorty Awards. Awards given for people on Twitter who are nice, helpful and informative. In the short space of time Roker Report has been in...

New Poll: Virginia Football


With kickoff to the football season a mere 45 days away, previews and pre-season postulations are popping up left and right across the internet. We'll have our own breakdown of what the London Era...

More contrived voting: Coach Pete's turn


It seems that every single award in college football these days has made an effort to include fan voting, which is great except for the fact that fans are horribly biased, prone to errors in...

Still Time to Vote for the 2009 NBA All Star Game


There is still time to vote your favorite player into the 2009 NBA All-Star Game, and Kevin Durant is certainly deserving of being on the squad based on the season he's had. The NBA recently...

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