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Found in the Wangster's mailbox..


Found in the Wangster's mailbox..

Draft Lottery Victory Party: Open thread of John Hedvares


A live NHL Draft Lottery thread for Islanders fans to chew their nails to the quick and wonder what it all means.

LHinks: Lottery Day & lots at play


Thoughts and links before the NHL draft lottery hopefully smiles on the Islanders.

Snow will weigh all options for top pick

"The Islanders are assured of a top-two pick in the June 26 draft and a shot at either Canadian sniper John Tavares or hulking Swedish defenseman Victor Hedman. But general manager Garth Snow Tuesday said he's considering more than those two options, including a possible trade." I support this track. Of course the meme that comes out of this will be, "Oh my god, they're going to trade that pick - bwahahaha!" But this is just standard fare. Things change, there's two-plus months 'till the draft. Discretion demands feeling things out. Wake me when there's a real decision to make.

Pause the Tavares hype for just a moment


If the Islanders win the #1 pick after the NHL draft lottery Tuesday, should they announce to the world that John Tavares is their man? In a word, no.

Islanders clinch Tavares/Hedman in 6-1 loss to Pittsburgh


The Islanders clinched 30th place -- and a guaranteed shot at either John Tavares or Victor Hedman -- in a 6-1 loss in Pittsburgh. The Isles have been outscored 15-1 in their last two games.

The Tavares Race!


What the Toronto Maple Leafs need to do to get a lottery pick.

Jesse joins the young and hyped


21-year-old Finn Jesse Joensuu has joined the ranks of promising young Islanders after a solid performance against Tampa Bay.

Islanders Gameday: No really, Bolts, I insist


In the last true Tank for Tavares battle of the season, the Islanders host the Lightning the night after the Bolts lost in OT in New Jersey. An Isles win puts the Isles three points behind Colorado.

Sens wipe ice with Islanders; tanks get a boost


The Senators won their seventh straight home game to climb above .500, while the Islanders got two goals from 19-year-old Josh Bailey and seemed to secure their place in the lottery sweepstakes.

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