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Hawks get the Cup. Our site gets some line changes


First, that was simply the weirdest anti-climactic, delayed-revelation sudden-death ending to a Stanley Cup final that I ever did see. (Even weirder: I saw it on a mobile phone's three-inch screen,...

Using Lighthouse Hockey with Facebook Connect


You readers with existing SB Nation accounts probably see a "Facebook Connect" blurb at the top of the page today. The heading of this FanShot links to an explanation of what that's about: Essentially, you can now log in (and comment, and share) at Lighthouse Hockey and other SBN sites through your Facebook account. You can "x" that blurb if you're not interested. But at any time you can connect your accounts through the blue "Connect" button on the title bar at the very very top of the page. We now continue with our regular programming. Happy surfing, Islanders fans.

Buncha' blowhards with all your hot air


"But enough about me. Let's hear you talk about me." -- a faux-narcissist line that a good friend of mine likes to use at parties Some of you know of the Isles "blog-off" at the NHL Arena message...

Welcoming 'Anaheim Calling' and friends


I don't know how much you all cruise the other SB Nation hockey sites, but I wanted to introduce a few new additions: Anaheim Calling is now a dedicated Ducks blog (Battle of California continues as a hybrid of singular Ana/LA/SJ and even Dallas views). Also, I neglected to formally mention it when it happened, but if you didn't notice, Gabe at Behind the Net -- my go-to for a lot of "advanced" stats perspective has moved his daily blog to SBN at BehindTheNetHockey.com. Lots of interesting questions there as the stats-oriented crowd tries to make numeric sense of this chaotic game.

Mobile commenting, easy re-tweeting enabled


Some quick site business: Don't know how many of you access Lighthouse Hockey via mobile phone, but the tech team behind SB Nation has launched an update that allows you to submit comments from your phone. Probably something that's more common in-season when actual games are being played, but save that in your quiver. They tested a lot of phones and browsers, but if you have trouble on yours, please let them know at support@sbnation.com. They've also added a one-click "re-tweet" icon to each post. In case you're on Twitter and want to pass a post on, that loads it with the short URL for you. Enjoy! Or save for later. I have to say one of the many cool things about blogging here is the imaginative, always-responsive tech team. They rock just a tad.

New linemate at Lighthouse Hockey


He's an avid Islanders fan, an active member of the club's BlogBox, and if you play hockey, chances are he's thrown you or your child (or both) into the penalty box. He's Doug, aka IslesOfficial,...


A Note to Lurkers - now with Twitter

Note: I don't do a good enough job of reminding people of some of the features of SBN. Frankly, even if you don't like to comment or create FanPosts like this one, it's worth creating a user name...

What's in a name, what's in a jersey?


This post is really just an excuse to play with some new photo toys we were handed for SB Nation blogs. Now featured in future stories at Lighthouse Hockey: real, legal wire photos! Also, the...

SBN-Lighthouse Hockey user guides


Some helpful tips on how to post your own FanPost, FanShots, and other SBN tools here at Lighthouse Hockey and at any of the other blogs around the place. (Check the nav in the left-hand column under "More SBN Blogs" to see SBN blogs for other sports and teams you're interested in. A single username gets you comment access to any site around SBN.)

Two 'new' hockey blogs at SBN


Two great, stylistically different hockey blogs migrated to SBN today. Habs blog "Eyes on the Prize" is part current news, part deep history lesson. The Panthers blog "Litterbox Cats" gives you Panthers news and perspective with a steady dose of visual humor. One thing attracting hockey bloggers here is SBN's interface, which makes fan participation a cinch. Have a cool photo? Impressions from attending a game? Theory about Scott Gordon? An old ticket stub with memories attached? Post it in the Fanshots or Fanposts. Signing on requires one simple step and zero invasive information -- yet helps prevent spam and riff-raff from polluting the conversation. And that's the beauty of SBN hockey blogs: smooth, fun hockey talk, without the white noise of anonymous trolls (present author excluded). So feel free to put your feet up and have a say - we're even open 24 hours!

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