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You know what time of year it is, everyone! Happy "Yashin back to the NHL" day!!!


These festivities are brought to you by, come on you all know his name- Mark Gandler! Wow... has it been a year already? Well, look at your calendar- its the third week of July! That, as Im sure you all know, is the traditional "Yashin back to the NHL" week. ♫♪ ♫ Its the most... predictable tiiiime of the year! ♪ ♫ For those of you interested in taking a trip down memory lane to "Yashin back to the NHL" rumors of years past while we get ready to play again this year, check the link in the title to find some previous "Yashin back to the NHL" stories that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Like any other traditional holiday week, "Yashin back to the NHL" always goes the same way- Yashin has a super-cool, concrete/solid/etc offer from an NHL team (usually hinted to be the Islanders, but any team will do) for (lots of?) money, comparisons are made to Jagr or some other older (preferably Russian or former eastern bloc) player(s), but then Yash ultimately decides not to take it. Sure, you know EXACTLY how its gonna go... but you know how St Patricks Day is gonna go too- and that doesnt stop you! Dont let the complete and utter predictibility of this annual holiday take away from the tradition and deep, profound meaning that is behind the "Yashin coming back" spirit. So... get out those turtlenecks and old CMC Yash jerseys, everyone! Celebrate like its 2007!

New "Memorandum of Understanding" reached between KHL/NHL


Via tweet from Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy. This has a more explanatory version of how the leagues will respect each other's player's contract statuses.

Pacioretty Speaks Out


Pacioretty is upset with the lack of supplemental discipline issued by the NHL. Read and react.

Mark Streit Video: Translate, anyone?


Anyone know German (or know someone who knows German) & think they can get this Mark Streit video summarized or translated into English? I am definitely curious.

A Plan: The NHL's Next 10 Years


As part of a SBNation.com series on the next 10 years for every sport, the next decade for the NHL is tackled: Standardized discipline policy, removal of the trapezoid, and no more ice gir-- wait...they want to take our ice girls?! This means war. Seriously, lot of ideas there. Weigh in there, here, or in the diary you keep (I know you do, don't lie) under your pillow.

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