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Zeitgeist: O'Reilly's Dad Reaches Out to DiPietro


After 13 years, a ton of losses and a million injuries, the Islanders have placed goalie Rick DiPietro on waivers. It's a tough time for the former All Star and first overall pick. But a famous...

The Ballad of Rob Schremp Hockey, Now Röb Svrempskä Ishockey


With reports that Rob Schremp has signed in Sweden, we look back on the ex-Oiler, -Islander and -Thrasher's curious journey through the NHL.

Jon Sim on Unconditional Waivers


Via the Isles official Twitter, Katie Strang and the Sound Tigers. Strang reports even if he clears, Sim will no longer be a member of the organization. UPDATE - Reese waived as well.

Satan rides the bus


Poor Miro. That Bill Guerin's acquisition forced this is ... rich. As Hooks Orpik put it at Pensburgh: "So Miroslav Satan, he of 1012 NHL games and 721 points will be an American Hockey Leaguer riding the buses again. A league he hasn't seen since 1994-95 when he was a 21 year old breaking into North American hockey. It's been so long that the team Satan played for back then (the Cape Breton Oilers) has been defunct for now 13 years. Satan is a trooper for not pulling a Zigmund Palffy and jumping back to Europe when the going gets tough. But then again, he still gets his $3.5 million this year for the 65 NHL games and a few minor league games."

Miroslav Satan Clears Waivers, Snow Gets a Pass?


Does the lack of interest in Pittsburgh's Miroslav Satan tarnish the image of Ray Shero and give Islanders GM a pass for not moving Satan last season?

Jon Sim on waivers


[Update 1 pm: Logan pretty much confirms the unhappy vet theory or implies such. Meanwhile, Islesblogger has some recent Sim quotes about his play.] Chris Botta says Jon Sim's three-assist night on Versus upped his value to ... waiver exposure? What do you think the chances are Pretty darn good, I'd say, that Sim is one of the frustrated veterans regarding Gordon's use of vets and youth?. Sim, at $1M per through next season, already cleared waivers once this season. Sounds like the Islanders really don't want that salary on the books nor "voice" in the room.

Fritsche grabbed by Wild


For D Erik Reitz. I only mention it here because there was a surprising amount of clamoring among Isles fans for the club to claim Dan Fritsche when he was on waivers. Personally, I didn't see it -- not with his stats (222 GP, 30G, 37A) and Gordon's in-progress effort to train our existing prospects on his system. Who knows, though? Maybe someday I'll eat those words. Maybe he at least becomes a Lemaire cog.

Dubie saga round-up: Ak Bars to Islander to Jacketry


The crazy Wade Dubielewicz saga -- from Long Island to Russia back to LI and now to meet Blue Jackets teammates in Vancouver.

Insanity: Columbus claims Dubielewicz


Chris Botta reports that Columbus has claimed Wade Dubielewicz off the waiver wire, preventing the Islanders from using him (and to think, Sanford already cleared). I don't think you can blame Garth for this, though: I'd never imagine (playoff aspiring) clubs would pass on Sanford and claim Dubie. Couldn't they leave us and our poor season in peace? Sheesh. The Columbus Dispatch hockey blog has more. Dubie now flies to Vancouver.

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