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Plague of hip injuries?

Islanders fans are all too familiar with hip surgery, with Rick DiPietro, Mike Sillinger and Mike Comrie all going under the knife last year and none returning to 100%. Are hip injuries increasing across sports? Is it related to training focused on strengthening the knees? Or is it a matter of better diagnosis, allowing docs to "fix" problems that otherwise would have been played through and/or rested? The New York Times takes it for a spin, in one of those "experts are talking, but data is incomplete" stories. One doc in the story: "I get 40 hockey players in a six-week period at the end of the season all coming into my office with the same-looking bone structure in their hips, all saying that they have been skating since they were 3 years old."

Bergenheim, Streit return to lineup

Well, that makes tonight more interesting. Streit returns after just three games out, but Bergenheim hasn't played since March 10 - 11 games missed with his more severe groin pull. Logan also says Gordon will go with Joensuu and the two-enforcer lineup, to ease the call-up burden on Bridgeport.

Okposo, McAmmond, Streit out; Smith, Bentivoglio up

Trevor Smith and Sean "hat trick" Bentivoglio get the call up. Okposo's is listed as a "groin" after that awkward fall last night. McAmmond is ill, Streit still has the groin. All are day-to-day. The 2009 Youth Development Tour marches on ...

McLean: Ruptured Achilles tendon

Maybe it will take a bigger name for NHL insurers to start adding "no pre-game soccer" to their policies, but this can't help. Kurtis McLean was a nice story -- a NCAA D-III product debuting in the NHL at age 28 and scoring a big goal in his second game. He got two more games in March before this season-ending accident happened in the warmup that has become so common among many NHL teams. Don't know what this will mean for his hockey career, but the hill toward the NHL just got incredibly steeper.

Hey Johnny Park

Okay, Richard Park is back in the lineup. (Wonder if he likes Foo Fighters though?) This is what Park dealt with in his 11-game absence: "One rib was fractured but the tip of another was chipped, and he had to be careful about coming back too early with an injury of that nature." Oww.

Bergenheim, MacDonald Injured

As if the injury bug couldn't hurt enough, the Islanders suffered two additional injuries during last nights 3-2 overtime loss in Toronto. According to Greg Logan of Newsday, Bergenheim suffered a groin strain in the third period and goaltender Joey MacDonald suffered an undisclosed knee injury. Both players have been sent home for further examination and it appears Peter Mannino gets the call as backup. Nate Thompson and Richard Park are both on the trip - they may not even need to tap into the Bridge for reinforcements. Some of us here at Lighthouse are sure to be jaded in our view of this, having spoken about this team's sudden resurgence and the real possibility of playing themselves out of that number one or number two pick come June. It seems that the Hockey Gods may have had a real plan in place for these Islanders after all. This just got even more interesting.

Weight out 6 weeks with MCL

Per Islesblogger, who was following Logan's chat. Andy McDonald off the market, Weight ... um, does this up the price of Comrie as a rental center? And deliver the final Islander nail push for the best lottery ball?

Pock out 4 weeks, Streit day-to-day

Pock hasn't been logging a lot of minutes and isn't part of this squad's future. Should be fun to see Hillen or whoever takes his place.

DiPietro and USA 2010

"Suddenly, what seemed like a lock for Team USA in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is very much in doubt. Unless DiPietro has a remarkable comeback, the No. 1 job will fall to either Ryan Miller or Tim Thomas." >>Pierre LeBrun, joining the chorus to shut DP down. Hadn't really considered the Olympics -- I'm just concerned about getting him healthy for next Islanders' season. But regardless, wouldn't that be a great addition to Thomas' winding journey?

MacDonald hurt; Dubie on the way?

Joey MacDonald went down with a leg injury early in the 1st period of tonight's Islanders-Rangers game (still in progress). But even before that, in light of Rick DiPietro's knee setback, GM Garth Snow admitted talking to former backup and cult hero, Wade Dubielewicz, who was bought out of his contract in Russia. Joey Mac's injury just upped Dubie's leverage.

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