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Pat Bingham will not return as head coach of Bridgeport


Katie Strang #Isles will not be bringing back Pat Bingham as head coach in Bridgeport. No head coach names as of not. To be continued 21 minutes ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply Pat Bingham won't be back as Sound Tigers coach. No replacement named. Matt Bertani, trainers expected to return. 3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply Does this open the door for Doug Weight to begin his coaching tenure? Doesn't sound like a great plan, but hey, convention is overrated. Will update link with full story when available. This is kind of shocking since there was really very little opportunity for any coach to prove anything. They had injuries and call-up problems all year.

Newsday's Staple Did Vote On Season Awards


This is his ballot, choices, and an explanation of why he chose to vote despite the boycott by the local chapters of the PHWA. My personal opinion is that he chose the professional course in this matter. Who knows if the outcome would have been different if he was present for the vote, but I would bet that he received some pressure from his brethren. Kudos Mr. Staple.

Capuano to Remain as Isles Head Coach: (Strang/Newsday)


"Assistant coaches Dean Chynoweth and Scott Allen are both expected to return; the Islanders are also considering bringing Doug Weight into the coaching fold if he retires." Link to team release:

Andrew MacDonald out for season with hip labrum tear.


@KatieStrangNYI Andrew Macdonald done for year with labral tear in right hip that requires surgery; Wishart recalled Weep and question the existence of a higher hockey being in comments. Link to be updated as a story becomes available.

Newsday's paywall: 35 subscribers


It's all of you expat Islanders fans, isn't it? Very interesting piece in the NY Observer about this topic and others in Newsday's Dolan Era. For the life of me, I can't understand how you start a pay model with one-size-fits-all pricing.

Newspaper Death Watch


So free access to Newsday content ends tomorrow, which stinks for non-subscribers and out-of-towners just looking for Isles news. But of course it's no surprise why they're trying something else (and I think they'll have to adjust their pay model on the fly). The U.S. newspaper industry as it exists now is sick and getting sicker. Despite repeated cuts, it's going to be hard to calibrate a local model that works. For sports fans, long live the beat writer. Or so you'd hope.

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