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Photos from the Isles game - 11/25/2011


Here's some photos I took from last Friday's game when the Islanders hosted the Devils. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the Haley fight, as I had just arrived at the Coliseum at that point and was watching the fight from a TV screen in the concourse.

Tabloid News: Not Just for Rangers Players Anymore!


The Post not only wrote a big article on DiPietro recently (link), but now they are turning their tabloid-sensors towards the Isles players. Poor Matty lol. Is it only a matter of time til we see shots of Okposo on page 6 when he is on his way to a Harry Potter convention?

Local Stuff: Why a vote against the Nassau Coliseum is a vote against your community


Another pro-new arena piece. I saw this floating around on the Twitters earlier and decided to share this.

Hockey on the Fly (30 Game Road Trip) - Review of the Nassau Coliseum


An outsider's look and review of the Nassau Coliseum as part of a 30 NHL games in 29 days type of road trip.

Yahoo finds new reason to bash Islanders.


I'm sorry but this whole article just strikes me as being vindictive on the part of the writers. They no longer can use the Isles play on the ice as the butt of their jokes and now that it looks the like the front office and the franchise is finally getting pointed in the right direction after the decades of circus escapades both on and off the ice the writers needed to find something new to bash the Islanders about. Should it not be the Isles and only the Isles choice as to who they grant press credentials to? If they didn't like what Botta was writing about the team and what he was saying to the players in private that negatively affected the organization and it's relationship with it's players it should be their decision to revoke his credentials. Botta needs to grow up and stop being a baby.

Jonas Gustavsson Sent to the AHL


Let us not forget that not so long ago this goalie was going to be the savior of Toronto..a mega star from the Swedish Elite League.."the best goalie not playing in the NHL"......at times like this one can at least look at the NYIslanders and say "at least we aren't Toronto"

Sim Waived


Sim Waived according to Offical Site, Newsday's Strang

Martin Biron Inked to One-Year Deal


Garth Snow got himself a steal of a deal inking Martin Biron to a one year $1.4 million dollar contract. This is sure to raise rumors of the health of Rick DiPietro, but at least we have TWO quality keepers this season.

Catch IslesOfficial on Preds On the Glass BlogTalkRadio show Monday night!


Catch IslesOfficial on the Blog Talk Radio Show, tonight at 8:15 PM. I'll be going over my experience at the Draft and discussing the Islanders moves on the Draft floor. [Note: archive of the show is available at the link in the headline]

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