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Highlights: Official now, John Tavares is captain


In accordance with the prophecies, one John Tavares was officially named New York Islanders captain today before the Islanders annual charity golf outing.

Zeitgeist: Do the John Tavares Workout at Home


Want to work out with John Tavares? Well, forget it. But scrawny wimps and pudgy homebodies can use this economical DIY version to replicate the Islander captain's exhausting off-season training...

New York Islanders Name Mark Streit Captain


The New York Islanders announced their 13th captain in franchise history, Swiss defenseman Mark Streit.


In search of a captain [poll inside]

Editor's Note: A fun, straightforward FanPost: Pick your captain. Note that KC's instructions request that in comments, you leave your choice/reasons for voting as a reply to the comment that lists...

Dotting I's: Doug Weight officially re-signed


Not really news, in that it's been talked about all summer, including most recently in this FanPost. His shoulder surgery was in March; no doubt info will come on that status. Meanwhile, if you haven't planted your flag on the Lighthouse Hockey user map, go do that. (Or don't, if you're the hermit type. Your choice; fine, be that way.)

Captain Returns: Doug Weight expected to re-sign with Islanders


He's still rehabbing from shoulder surgery and he's been injury prone in the twilight of his career, but Islanders captain Doug Weight will return for another season.

Islanders Opener: Tavares, Crosby, pomp & circumstance


Previewing the Islanders home opener against the Stanley Cup champs, and the formal home debut of John Tavares.

Islanders opening roster excludes new captain Weight


Why Doug Weight was the right call for new Islanders captain, and why the opening night lineup creates some interesting choices for Doug Weight.

Bill Guerin's impact on the Pens


Kevin Allen at USA Today provides a little insight into Guerin's effect on the Penguins' locker room. Bits like this always come out about a Cup-winning team, but nothing in there contradicts what we knew of Guerin in his nearly two-year captaincy on Long Island. (Justin Bourne's guest bit about Guerin's treatment of youngsters also comes to mind.) Can or will the Pens re-sign Guerin? I don't know. It seems the cap world dictates these vets are often rented for their calming influence and then let go... (Boy did the Pens get their money's worth from ol' McNulty, though.)

Islanders of Yesteryear: Ed Westfall, '18'


Looking back at Ed Westfall, the Islanders' first captain, who won two Cups with the Bruins and called four more as long-time Islanders announcer.

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