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Islanders Year in Review: Putting 2011 to Bed


The year 2011 was a pivotal year for the New York Islanders, but it's not clear if it will be remembered as the year a new generation of players committed to the club's success, or the County it...

Islanders Bits: Did you hear the one about making the Coliseum larger and taller?


The New York Islanders named Mark Streit their 13th captain and the first Swiss captain in the NHL. Meanwhile, another Nassau Coliseum half-proposal surfaces.

Meanwhile, Ratner Hopes the Islanders Join the Nets in Brooklyn


On a day when the New York Islanders are celebrating the locking up of a franchise center in John Tavares, NBA Nets minority owner says he hopes they join him in Brooklyn.

Nassau Resident Files Complaint about NIFA Member


Interesting. Regarding the speaking out on the referendum by one of the NIFA members.

'Is It Depressing to Be a Fan Right Now?'


Among general sports fans, the New York Islanders have an image problem that traces back to Mike Milbury and that cursed Nassau Coliseum.

Charles Wang's Statement to Nassau Residents, Islanders Fans


In the aftermath of the Nassau Coliseum referendum defeat, New York Islanders owner Charles Wang issued a statement to focus on Long Island and the upcoming season.

Our Islanders-Brooklyn (and Queens) thread, which will continue for 4 years


The New York Islanders are tied to Nassau Coliseum for four more seasons, so public statements by New Jersey Nets and Barclay's Center officials don't clearly indicate future intentions.

Coliseum Referendum Links: 'We have no tower, sir.'


Wrap-up of coverage of the Nassau County coliseum referendum defeat, plus news on Mike Mottau and Evgeni Nabakov.

Charles Wang Reacts to Islanders, Nassau Coliseum Referendum Defeat


The New York Islanders and owner Charles Wang received a crushing blow with the defeat of their referendum to build a new Nassau Coliseum. That doesn't mean the end of the team, and it doesn't mean...


Thanks, Nassau

Apparently 23,000 people feel that 3000 jobs generated, a fledgling economy, and the sake of a legacy and long islands only true sports franchise didn't need to be saved. Nassau County voters shot...

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