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Dan Hardy Loves Doug Loves Movies


This week's episode of the podcast Doug Loves Movies features Dan Hardy as part of Doug Benson's guest panel. Along with general roundtable chatter at the top of the show, the guests are subjected to games tangentially related to movie knowledge. I can't vouch for this episode in particular as it's just been posted, but DLM is consistently one of my favorite podcasts. Although Doug is a fight fan, I wouldn't expect a lot of hard-hitting analysis.

Reminder - GOON on Demand starting this weekend


GOON - starring Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), Allison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and New York native/narrator of all things Liev Schreiber is available on demand starting today (Feb. 24). I hear it's good and authentic. Click the above link for the official site and trailers. (It will be released in theaters next week)

The elusive Major League baseball card set.


Not expensive, but apparently hard to come by. Also contains an interesting error: Apparently Pepper Leach was the team's 3D coach, even though the film was not shot in 3D.

Dennis Hopper, actor and Hollywood hellraiser, dies


Not Chiefs related, but I'm sure most of us have good memories of this guy. Especially the 30+ AP'er crowd.

Reel Hardball, Movies From Out Of Left Field


MLB TV has a new feature that shows non mainstream films about baseball. So far these movies have been about the love of the game, and why most of us watch. Through the "magic" of DVR, I have seen two of the films, Holy Land Hardball and Cobb Field, A Day at the Ballpark. If you get a chance (or have a DVR) I would recommend that you see both of these films. As happened with my season tickets to the Reno Aces last year, they reminded me that baseball is full of Hope, Dreams, and the Poetry of the game that is often lost in the complexity of modern major league baseball. Coming up on January 24 is Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey The site provides clips from each of the films currently available.

The Blind Side Trailer - Trailer Addict


Having read the book, I'm not optimistic the movie is going to be real accurate. And Sandra Bullock's Southern accent is weak. But hey, Ed Orgeron, Phil Fulmer and Nick Saban cameos! (though not in this trailer)

OT: 'Synecdoche, New York'

WARNING: SITE PIMPAGE AHEAD I don't know how many Charlie Kaufman fans there are out there, but I consider myself one (and I think the restraining orders attest to that). His directorial debut, the metaphortastic 'Synecdoche, New York', opened yesterday in LA, and I was there bright and early with all the other film geeks to catch it. Short story: Mind blown. For the long story, check out the review on my infant blog.
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