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MarShon To Russia for Basketball Without Borders


When the NBA scheduled its first "Basketball Without Borders" in Russia, it was a virtual guarantee that someone on the Nets would play a big part of the program. Now, the Miami Herald reveals that MarShon Brooks will be the Nets player headed to Moscow September 13. The Herald notes Brooks and his agent Seth Cohen "were spotted Sunday having brunch at Buena Vista Deli near Miami’s Design District. The duo was overheard talking about their upcoming trip to Russia together next month as part of the ’NBA Without Borders Program’."

Prokhorov Signals Return To Politics


Ten weeks after losing in the Russian presidential election, Mikhail Prokhorov signaled Wednesday that he intended to re-enter the political fray. In a blog post, the Nets' owner wrote, "Now it is clear what to do next. We begin to act!" He provided no further details, but it was signal he wanted to participate in public life again. After getting only eight percent of the vote, Prokhorov said he would form a new political party to challenge President Vladimir Putin's United Russia. Then, he suggested a party might not be needed for democratic progress. Now, with this announcement, it appears he is back.

Gulfstream in Mystery Flight


Mikhail Prokhorov, we're told, wasn't on board and we don't know if it was on Nets' business, but the Nets' owner's Gulfstream V made a curious round-trip across the Atlantic this weekend. After flying from Riga, Latvia, to Teterboro on Sunday afternoon, the Gulfstream turned right around Monday morning and headed back across the Atlantic to Mulhouse, France. (Maybe Deron Williams forgot something in his Moscow hotel room?)

Prokhorov Launches Campaign Website - In English


Mikhail Prokhorov has launched a presidential campaign website, MDP2012, that is available in both Russian and English. It, like any U.S. presidential campaign site, has links to various social media, his platform, endorsements, campaign news. (If there's a biography, it's hard to find.)

Prokhorov Dropping In Russian Polls


For all the controversy about Mikhail Prokhorov being ready to put his Nets shares in a blind trust, first reported here, the chances of him winning the Presidency are actually getting worse. The latest polling, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, show his numbers, small as they were, dropping even further, from 4% to 2%, or within the margin of error for zero.

Prokhorov Financing Anti-Kremlin Satire


He's not running for anything in next month's parliamentary election, but Mikhail Prokhorov is still playing a role in his nation's political life, spending $300,000 to help a satirical troupe tweak Vladimir Putin. Prokhorov jokes he, too, has felt the sting of Citizen Poet: "I have been on the receiving end of their cruel and unjust humor (twice!)." Prokhorov has yet to feel another sting: that of Putin himself, but analysts worry it's only a matter of time.

Prokhorov Not Joining New Party


Russian press reports that Prokhorov may join a new political party opposed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are wrong, we are told definitively. The information, carried in Izvestia and elsewhere, is not accurate. Prokhorov did tell a Moscow University audience Tuesday that he could ultimately return to Russian politics, but that for now, he will focus on "the development of projects for Russia". He told students he will return to politics only when "conditions are ripe for change."

Prokhorov Inspires Russian Youth


The Washington Post interviews a 24-year-old Siberian journalist about Russia's politics and how the young man's political ambitions have been shaped by Mikhail Prokhorov. In August, Prokhorov asked the young man to run on his ticket for the Russian parliament.Yegor Bychkov was inspired. He saw a way for an ordinary person to start changing this huge country, the Post reports. Prokhorov is "a patriot," Bychkov said. "He lives in Russia and he wants to do something to make it better. There aren’t many oligarchs like him left." Then, of course the Kremlin forced Prokhorov out...but Bychkov continues.

Nets Owners, Knicks Players on "A-List"


The "A-List" is Avenue Magazine's annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the city and not surprisingly, among those who made the list for 2011 are Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov. No Nets players made the list (Hey, D-Will plays in NJ) but Amare' and 'Melo did. The Nets posted a link to the list on NJNets.com.

As MSG Stock Goes Down, Prokhorov Ups Gold Output


The lockout is having a negative effect on James Dolan's company while the world economic crisis is having the opposite effect on Mikhail Prokhorov's prospects. Merrill Lynch on Tuesday downgraded the stock of Dolan's MSG, noting the lockout would cut revenues--about $1 million per missed game. The stock price dropped 2.5%. Meanwhile, with investors driving up the price of gold to record highs, Prokhorov's Polyus Gold said it will double its output in three years.

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