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Transcript: NHL Disciplinary Video for Lubomir

A satirical take on Islanders defenseman (for now) Lubomir Visnovsky's racing accident over the weekend.

Hidden Gems – 10 - All-Star Voting


Wow, when I said that I had found the greatest thing ever with Marcel Goc's blog, I was completely wrong. The Kings have put together a video clip of the boys trying to get your votes for the A...

Ringing In The New Year With A Blowout!


Pre-Game:- The Kings host the Chicago Blackhawks and I'm pretty excited to see Kane and Toews. During the pre-game warmup, I'm at the Chicago end right up against the glass taking pictures, and all...

Roadtrip Game 3 - Kings 3, Devils 6 (PT)


Pre-game with Player Transactions:- Rob Blake is back in LA with a fractured ankle. What is this gonna do for trade rumors?- Peter Harrold - recalled from Manchester- Brian Boyle - recalled and...

8 In A Row


Pre-Game:- Had dinner with KingsCast at the Royal Room. Thoughts: It was a little dark in there. It gave it a kind of "I'm too cool for school" ambiance. The food was good and you could definitely...

Kings 1, Sharks 2


Pre-Game:These game-day emails the Kings send out have some pretty awesome pictures sometimes. Today we have the Sharks and for some reason... I have to laugh every time I look at these. Soupy,...

Up And (Like a Dinosaur) Roaring To Go (PT)


Player Transactions:- Kyle Calder is out with a broken finger & John Zeiler has been recalled (March 21).- The Kings primary affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs, sign Josh Kidd (D) to an Amateur...



But wait, this is my own space to rant and so I shall. I have two things to gripe about; the first thing obviously being the Kings using Brian Willsie in the shootout as the 6th shooter, the second...

Kings In The 2008 World Championships


The World Versus Kopi Anze Kopitar is getting much deserved attention at the World Championships because, let's face it, to the North American audience, he's the only player on Team Slovenia who...

Kings In The 2008 World Championships Part II


Canadians Own The Latvians But is this surprising? Of course not. On Sunday, May 4th, Team Canada played keep away with the Latvians while scoring 7 goals in the process. Pascal LeClaire held off...

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