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This Frontier is now Lighthouse Hockey


Thanks again to those of you who shared your thoughts and condolences over the past couple of weeks. Without overplaying the violin here, you should know that as I checked email for business and...

Get thee to the Lighthouse - lighthousehockey.com


Just a reminder post for those landing here via my Google/Blogger profile: this blog has moved to LighthouseHockey.com, on SB Nation. Go there and add your own thoughts via comments and FanPosts --...

Happy Birthday: Lighthouse Hockey turns 2


Note: I know you all don't come here to read about me, but forgive me this moment -- it's LHH's birthday. Six years ago I stumbled upon a site written well enough to get me reading about baseball...

Our Community Guidelines


Lighthouse Hockey Community Standards & Gudelines Last updated July 12, 2012 First-Time Readers/Members Before you registered with this site, you had to read a memo that went something like this: I...

How-to guide for FanPosts 'n FanShots


Hey everyone. As this site was in its baby stages, we were much more lax about who posted what in FanPosts and FanShots. But now that participation and volume has reached a critical mass, it will...


LHH Glossary: Rough draft

Editor's Note: This post is actually from October 1 originally. But since we're going to get an influx of visitors for the new season, I thought I'd bump it back up so that new friends get a taste...

Using Lighthouse Hockey with Facebook Connect


You readers with existing SB Nation accounts probably see a "Facebook Connect" blurb at the top of the page today. The heading of this FanShot links to an explanation of what that's about: Essentially, you can now log in (and comment, and share) at Lighthouse Hockey and other SBN sites through your Facebook account. You can "x" that blurb if you're not interested. But at any time you can connect your accounts through the blue "Connect" button on the title bar at the very very top of the page. We now continue with our regular programming. Happy surfing, Islanders fans.

Buncha' blowhards with all your hot air


"But enough about me. Let's hear you talk about me." -- a faux-narcissist line that a good friend of mine likes to use at parties Some of you know of the Isles "blog-off" at the NHL Arena message...

New linemate at Lighthouse Hockey


He's an avid Islanders fan, an active member of the club's BlogBox, and if you play hockey, chances are he's thrown you or your child (or both) into the penalty box. He's Doug, aka IslesOfficial,...

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