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Murray Still Holding Out On Islanders

Alternate plan was supposed to be out by the end of June. Murray is blowing smoke.

Lighthouse Project calm before the storm

I linked these in the game recap, but if you missed them, here are three interesting and complementary takes on the likely next development in the Lighthouse Project saga (after Charles Wang's pre-emptive mini-strike on air last night): Hockey Independent, plus Islanders Point Blank, and Let There be Light(house). Update: Sure enough, Kate Murray plans a press conference Monday a.m., announcing scaled-down zoning plans.

Murray, GOP can guide Nassau's transformation or its decline

Newsday editorial on Town of Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray: "While some of Murray's concerns are understandable, her zoning powers don't give her the right to micromanage. Besides, if a zoning change is ultimately issued, the town will retain considerable approval over what actually gets built. Is Murray commendably, but mistakenly, trying to ensure nothing goes wrong? Or, is she trying to engineer the failure of the project and trying to make sure she doesn't take the blame?"

Hope, at last, for Lighthouse Project?

Lots of happy talk coming out of today's meeting. And Chris Botta's interpretation of Tom Suozzi's comments today: It's on everyone's shoulders now, and (Botta's words) "The message was clear: everyone needs to stop making this all about [Kate] Murray." We'll see. No one was born yesterday to think a little meeting is all that was needed. But as long as the parties are talking -- that's the most important positive step at this point. Wang's October "deadline" cleared? Heh. Heh. But reason to see a route forward? Yes. So many steps between now and the end point, so many chances for more spin and feigned offense. But talking -- not "talk," mind you, but talking -- is good. Negotiation = progress. Update: Newsday's coverage here.

Reaction: Consultant is Murray campaign contributor

Sounds like business politics as usual, as the money is flowing every which way. But it's still funny that a PointBlank commenter fed this chase-the-money story. Coy journalist prose alert! Witness: "The campaign contribution revelation came on the same day..." But pray tell, where did the "revelation" come from? When information is publicly accessible, is it only "revealed" (on such-and-such day) when someone bothers to check?

Town of Hempstead: Lighthouse review not ready (shock!)

"You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record, baby round round." They hire consultants: The Town of Hempstead's environmental consultants say, naturally, that the Lighthouse Project's meticulously prepared 6,500-page environmental impact statement is incomplete: "Virtually every area needs work." As I understand it, this could delay the beginning of public hearings -- which frankly seems the intent of one side of this twisted political dance. But check Nick's Lighhouse blog for what I expect will be a more elaborate and informed reaction.

Local politics heat up around Lighthouse Project

Why do I feel like what could be a fun Summer of Tavares (or Hedman) will instead be overshadowed by a growing sandstorm of ugly politics? Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray are both up for election this year, from opposite parties, and from increasingly contrasting views on the Lighthouse Project. Overt yet indirect stimulus-related shots are being fired, with Murray still pushing Coliseum renovation as if it could stand on its own. Very thorough takes from Nick at Let There be Light(house) and B.D. at IslandersIndependent, who appropriately finds it reminiscent of the ending of Reservoir Dogs. I have always assumed things will get done somehow, some way, but the voices of locals who told me just how inbred the politics can be always ring in the back of my head.

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