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Our Complete LHH Community 2011 NHL Mock Draft*


One 2011 NHL Mock Entry Draft as carried out by 30 or so members of the Lighthouse Hockey New York Islanders-watching community.

Bits: Lot's O' Stuff on a Sunday Morn


Sunday Links and News


A Look at the Islanders and the Draft

One characteristic of this draft that has become almost a commonplace is that the top three (or four if you include Landeskog) prospects are so close in talent that a team can draft according to...

Great Larsson TSN video


For the Islanders, assuming they are both on the board, it would seem to be a choice between Larsson and Landeskog. Getting both would be a dream come true. Larsson would be an absolutely perfect pairing partner for Streit and Landeskog would be a great linemate for JT. Maybe the best strategy would be to draft Larsson if available, hope NJ takes Couturier, and see if CDH can be leveraged into a top ten pick and then try to put together a package to convince Edmonton if they are #3 to trade down. They would probably be looking first and foremost at Larsson and Couturier and might be open to it.

TSN has Larsson #1


RNH is #2, Landeskog #3, and Couturier #4. Consensus, though, is that they are close enough for teams to draft according to need.

NHL / CHL Top Prospects Game Set for January 18 /19


Only CHL players...so Couturier, Landeskog, and Nugent-Hopkins....but no Larsson.


Canada in (Hockey) Crisis...but Garth's Rebuild Keeps Chugging Along

Editor's Note: BC checks in with a WJC recap -- and draft implications, of course. Much more after the jump/poll if you're viewing this on the LHH home page. Has any nation's identity ever been so...


Preliminary WJC Analysis

We still have the USA-Sweden and Canada-Russia tilts to go, but I feel safe in saying the following: Casey Cizikas has been the best of the four Islander prospects in the tourney. Not that NN,...

Ten Reasons for Islander Fans to be Thankful This Holiday Season


Of course, there are many others. I just chose to limit it to ten. Feel free to add your own either here or in the BR piece comments section. Wanted to do an item on Anders Lee, but BR had no file pics of him. Also was frustrated by the lack of Calvin De Haan anecdotes on the web.

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