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Zeitgeist: Tavares is ESPN's top NHL 'Poor Guy'


Islanders captain John Tavares is the top hockey player on ESPN's "Poor Guy" list, a collection of great athletes on pitiable teams. (satire)

Movie Review: The John Spano Saga in 'Big Shot'

The ESPN 30-for-30 doc is about more than just John Spano's fraudulent near-purchase of the Islanders in 1996. Director Kevin Connolly uses vintage video, memories and humor to craft a must-see...

Law & Owners Special Islanders Unit: John Spano


The seventh and final chapter in the series. John Spano conned the NHL and almost bought the Islanders in 1996. But what seems like a bizarre, isolated incident speaks volumes about the Islanders,...


ESPN's 25 under 25 - How could they leave off Tavares? (Going through Greenberg's point)

Why ESPN's Neil Greenberg Top 25 NHLers under 25 list was wrong to exclude New York Islander John Tavares -- not because it used advanced stats, but because the numbers he used don't give the full...

Arbitrarily Ranking Things Arbitrarily


Examining the arbitrary insanity behind ESPN's North American sports franchise rankings.

Newsday: New York Islanders will toll Evgeni Nabokov's contract

Updated 4/24 12:00 ESPN LeBrun : Full (google) translation in comments. dchesnokov Dmitry Chesnokov Nabokov tells SovSport "I may join the training camp with the Islanders," says he didn't join the team bc he didn't think he could help 'em. Nabokov: "I have no hard feelings against the team or its players. I told Snow about that." Asked whether his choices are to play for the Isles next year or not at all, Nabokov said "there could be a trade. Nabokov said he doesn't know if it is official that his contract with the Isles will carry over to next season. 48 minutes ago Snow to Katie Strang: "He was signed by Detroiit, put on waivers; we claimed him and he didn’t report. Therefore, we had to suspend him and its’ within our right to toll the contract." PUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Curious and irrelevant: The NHL chase for ESPN and the casual fan


As a matter of business, the NHL will continue to chase the casual fan and mainstream acceptance. Thankfully, though, hard-core hockey fans no longer depend on any of that to get their fix.

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