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Islanders vs. Senators Preview and Gameday Thread


The Islanders host the Senators for a 1 p.m. Presidents Day start. This is a Gigantor-sized contest, as the Senators are one of the teams the Isles must catch to continue to dream their impossible...

Ottawa series could put Islanders in an ugly place


The Islanders look for some good news and to break a 1-10-1 run against the Senators.

Doug Weight: 'Day in the Life'


Airing on the NHL network this weekend and Monday, Nov. 10. Weight is always a good interview, so this tour through his hockey routine should be good.

Blade Splinters 29-Oct-08


Free trial of NHL Center Ice (online) Thursday, new forward lines for the Islanders, and Brendan Shanahan tells Glen Sather they're through.

Brent Sutter reacts to Weight hit

"I'm not blaming anybody, but I know firsthand a check like that wouldn't have happened 20 years ago because you know what the consequences would've been." Brent's thoughts (more in the story at nj.com) are actually pretty measured for a father who just saw what happened to his son. Tough situation. But he's only two-third's right. No, a hit like that wouldn't have happened 20 years ago. And yes, if such a hit did happen, there "would be consequences" in the mythologized tough man's world of good-old-days frontier justice. But the real reason this wouldn't have happened? Because (if I may mythologize myself for a moment) back before the roller-hockey proliferation of individualized hockey, no NHLer would have lurched forward with his head -- his most vulnerable part -- in a one-on-one battle for the puck and expected his opponent to somehow pull out of the hit. Speed carries with it responsibility -- not just for the defender, but the attacker, too. Just because you're going really fast, doesn't mean it's everyone else's responsibility to get out of the way. It's a gruesome situation. I feel bad for son and parent. But this one is a symptom of today's speed, not today's level of respect among players.

Weight responds


Weight's thoughts, (at On the Islanders Beat), including: "I admire Jim Rutherford’s loyalty [to his player]," Weight said. "But [Sutter] wasn’t vulnerable. He made himself vulnerable after I committed to the hit. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I couldn’t change directions and go with him without blowing my knee out. He reached for the puck, and his head dropped eight inches. Look at the video. I didn’t come up with my elbow."

Last-place Isles host not-last Rangers


The New York Islanders bring a long injury list into their first meeting with the rival first-place (gulp) Rangers.

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