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Ledecky, Malkin ready to disappoint Isles fans


[humor] Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin have agreed to buy the Islanders and plan to disappoint fans in the near future in keeping with the franchise's long-standing heritage of management strife...

Isles Sale Price? More than this, less than that


The NHL would like you to believe the New York Islanders are going for a premium. Investment bankers would like you to believe nobody in their right mind would pay that much for that.

Isles New Owners: Who are these guys?


Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin are college friends, successful business owner/investors, and hope are set to take control of the New York Islanders from Charles Wang.

Quick Strikes for Thursday


A note about the 2015 NHL draft (tied to 2014 NHL season previews), John Gaudreau is amazing, Jobing.com arena is no more, and Charles Wang should GTFO.

LHH Mailbox: Donald Sterling to Buy Islanders


[humor] A Lighthouse Hockey reader submits an "interesting" interpretation of the Islanders' recent ownership battle. Special appearances by the Donald Sterling, the Illuminati, mind-controlling...

Light Reading: Your Barroway-Wang legal documents


If Law Suitin' is your name and close readin' is your game, then you may enjoy the opportunity to peruse the entirety of the legal filings by Andrew Barroway's group (NY ICE LLC) in his lawsuit...

Quick Strikes for Tuesday, August 12th


Calling Tampa Bay's art community! Advanced stats does not rub Edmonton sports radio the right way, Geoff Moulson saves the day in Montreal and a few more reads from yesterday. Follow @RawCharge ...

Quick strikes for Tuesday


A link dump post in the dead of summer.

NHL threatens lockout to curb Isles spending spree


[humor] The NHL made what could be its first move towards a fourth lockout, demanding an end to the recent out-of-control spending by the previously frugal New York Islanders. The NHL is willing to...

NYI Sale: Barroway Amasses Troops, Wang holds fire


In Sports Business Daily, Chris Botta laid out a few details about where the talks sit today between prospective Islanders owner Andrew Barroway and current owner Charles Wang. Barroway has...

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