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The Road to Minneapolis: My Take on the 2011 Draft


I've been dismissive of trading for an established player like Stastny, but Garth keeps talking about it, so who knows? My preference is for Larsson and I just have a feeling Garth will get him, but Dougie H is the more likely outcome. We'll see.

Larsson Back From Injury


Be interesting to see if his game picks up now that he is over the injury.

Larsson a Lock for #1 Now?


The injury explains some of his sub par performances and also says something about his character. Double bonus!

CHL Prospects Game: Nugent-Hopkins Impresses, Couturier Does not


ESPN has speculated that the Isles would pick RNH with the #1 overall. That's doubtful. It is hard to see anybody but Larsson as the first choice for the Isles. If, however, Larsson is off the board when the Isles pick, RNH might be the way to go. He will likely be a year away from being NHL-ready--although Skinner and Burmistrov are examples of less physically developed skilled players who have made the jump and made it well--but he could become the ideal setup man for JT. That combo on the top line with Kyle to create a physical presence could start to produce in a manner comparable to the B-T-G line. TSN noted that RNH jumped right in when a Team Cherry goon went after Sven Baertschi. David Musil then went after the goon.

Larsson Interview for Swedish TV


Will have to get my Swedish friend to interpret, but it seems to be about his prospects to go as #1 overall in the draft. Sure hope we can fulfill his dream for him! Video does show him in Skelleftea as well as the rather modest vehicle AIK provided him with. This was obviously done after the WJCs.

Great Larsson TSN video


For the Islanders, assuming they are both on the board, it would seem to be a choice between Larsson and Landeskog. Getting both would be a dream come true. Larsson would be an absolutely perfect pairing partner for Streit and Landeskog would be a great linemate for JT. Maybe the best strategy would be to draft Larsson if available, hope NJ takes Couturier, and see if CDH can be leveraged into a top ten pick and then try to put together a package to convince Edmonton if they are #3 to trade down. They would probably be looking first and foremost at Larsson and Couturier and might be open to it.

TSN has Larsson #1


RNH is #2, Landeskog #3, and Couturier #4. Consensus, though, is that they are close enough for teams to draft according to need.

NHL / CHL Top Prospects Game Set for January 18 /19


Only CHL players...so Couturier, Landeskog, and Nugent-Hopkins....but no Larsson.

Ten Reasons for Islander Fans to be Thankful This Holiday Season


Of course, there are many others. I just chose to limit it to ten. Feel free to add your own either here or in the BR piece comments section. Wanted to do an item on Anders Lee, but BR had no file pics of him. Also was frustrated by the lack of Calvin De Haan anecdotes on the web.

Kirill Goes Krazy (in a good way)


Scores two goals to help lead the MAINEiacs. In seven games with the MAINEiacs, he is 3-3-6 and a +5. So if you are looking for reasons to be thankful that you are an Islander fan, think of Kirill, Nino, Hamonic, De Haan, and maybe Larsson or Couturier joining the squad next year.

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