New York Islanders Analysis

Isles Myths and Memes: These aren't the problems


The Islanders have some real problems right now, and their 0-4 road trip has dropped them from second to sixth in what is thus far the NHL's weakest division, but not all is lost 18 games into the...

Sabres retain salary in Vanek trade proposals


The Buffalo Sabres reportedly retained some salary in the deal with the New York Islanders, a "we'll pay you to take him" carrot that they reportedly offered to at least one other team.

Vanek/Moulson trade was 'off and on'


The Sabres are in last place and the Islanders are not where they hoped to be in the first month of the season, but the two teams' exchange of pending free agent left wingers Thomas Vanek and Matt...


Playing the 4th line after goals: Awful

There's been a lot of criticism here recently about Cappy's persistence in playing the Cizikas line after scoring goals. So I decided to look back and see whether the evidence supports these...

Visnovsky Injury: Now what do the Isles do?


With Lubomir Visnovsky suffering a concussion, the Islanders' options range from bringing back Radek Martinek to leaning harder on what they already have on the blueline.


How much of an issue is Nabokov?

Evgeni Nabokov is a below-average NHL goalie, but is that such a big problem? Or does the Islanders' goaltending problem lurk deeper under the surface?

Analytics and the Hamonic-MacDonald Split, Take II


Though fans traditionally see Andrew MacDonald and Travis Hamonic as a strong "shutdown" pair, that may be by default and assumption rather than actual evidence.

Rails: Isles camp opener in Brooklyn made for buzz


The Islanders are making a media event out of taking the train to Brooklyn for their first training camp practice, a sign of a grown-up business operation and things to come.

Tavares Inadvertently Explains the Rise of Youth


Always fine talents, today's teenagers are arriving in the NHL with major-league knowledge of fitness and nutrition.


Hamonic-AMac via Analytics: A working top pair?

Is the Islanders' "shutdown" pair really doing the job they're tasked with? Here's a look at what the underlying numbers say.

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