New York Islanders Analysis

Let's Make a Deal: Trade Bailey or Trade Grabner?


With an excess of forwards and a desire to add another defenseman, Garth Snow is looking to make a deal. Here is a detailed look at his most probable two trade chips.

GMs/coaches like options, players like continuity


The partnership between Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin raises a management question: On one hand, GMs like depth and options as a motivator for internal competition. On the other hand,...

Can you spell 2014 Islanders without Anders?


A few key free agent signings and a few more veteran returnees could spell a trip to the AHL for Anders Lee in 2014-15

Needs: Internal competition, physical defense?


The New York Islanders have created internal competition and an abundance of puck-moving defensemen. Will they suffer a lack of physicality?

By All Means, Let's Talk About the Goaltending


Garth Snow went into the offseason needing to make an upgrade to the Islanders goaltending situation. And that is exactly what he did.


By the Numbers: 2013-14 Islanders D Evaluations

A deep look at the underlying numbers for the defensemen the New York Islanders used in 2013-14.

Poulin Files for Arbitration: What's he want?


A CBA-diving look at what Kevin Poulin might seek after filing for salary arbitration with the New York Islanders.


In Focus: Defenseman Targets for the Islanders

garik looks at some players around the league who could help shore up the Islanders defense.


Day 2: Evaluating Grabovski and Kulemin signings

Nikolai Kulemin is a "former 30 goal scorer" in the say way Brad Boyes is a "former 40 goal scorer," but Kulemin's running mate Mikhail Grabovski may make the package deal worth it for the New York...

Kule-Grabs II: Now, where do all the forwards fit?


It didn't take long, after the New York Islanders signed Mikhail Grabovsky and Nikolai Kulemin, for the next question to emerge: Where does everyone fit in this crowded lineup?


T.J. Brennan: AHL D Stat Comparables

Here is how new Islanders signing TJ Brennan compares with some of the top AHL defensemen the past couple seasons, as far as offensive statistical production.

Recent Stat Comparables for Top 2014 Picks

Taking the points per game of the top 2014 NHL draft prospects and adjusting for age and historic comparables. Is Nikolaj Ehlers a guy worth going "off the board" for?

Trade Rumors: #5 pick in play? Centers everywhere?


The narrative that is quickly taking hold for the upcoming NHL offseason can be boiled down to this: Everyone is willing to move their first-round pick, no one is pleased with the summer's free...

Will Dan Boyle Sign?


Once the dust settled on the Thursday afternoon trade of Dan Boyle to the New York Islanders, the next question is: How likely is he to sign?


The 2013-14 Isles rookie forwards, and what's next

Over the last season, the Isles debuted a whole bunch of rookies for their first significant NHL time. In particular, four rookie forwards got at least 20 games played in the show, which is enough...


A Fancy Review of 2013-14 Islanders Forwards

The Islanders are coming off of a terrible season that saw them finish fifth from the bottom. How good or bad have each of these players been? Where does the team need to go and who should they...


2013-14 Neutral Zone Stats, and the Isles Future

A look at full-season neutral zone entry figures shows which New York Islanders are helping, and which ones are part of the problem.

What will it take to sign Halak?


Initial speculation puts Jaroslav Halak's asking price to sign with the New York Islanders at around $4 million annually for three to five years, but it's likely to go higher than that.

Revisiting Isles vs. Pens 2013: That one issue


The Columbus Blue Jackets have pushed the Pittsburgh Penguins to a best-of-three situation, which shouldn't be a surprise. It's also reminiscent of where the New York Islanders were in 2013, albeit...


Goaltending Options: What should the Isles do?

Everyone knows the New York Islanders desperately need to address their goaltending, but the likely available options this summer all carry caveats or red flags.

The AMac Pump-and-Dump is Complete


Andrew MacDonald has attributes of an NHL defenseman, but not one worth what the Philadelphia Flyers have agreed to give him.

Chart-Gazing: Is Isles rebound real, or mirage?


After bottoming out around the Olympics, the New York Islanders are 7-2-1 in their last 10. Is it real, or mirage? Yes.

How the Flyers will use Andrew MacDonald


Andrew MacDonald debuts with his new team tonight, partnered with another scapegoat at even strength and pairing with Mark Streit on the second power play.

Why is the Isles PK so awful?


The New York islanders have one of the worst penalty kills in the league, but the source of the problem might not be what you think.

Benchmark: 2013-14 Isles stats through 60 games


Benchmarking the New York Islanders' individual stats after 60 games, because the next 22 will look quite a bit different.

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