NHL Draft: New York Islanders Coverage

Pre-Draft Psych Quiz: Guess the Prospect!


Match the prospect with their answers to the pre-draft psych test.

NHL Mock Draft: At #15, the Islanders select...


You won't get a superstar at 15th overall, but there's a lot to like about this Swede.

Review: 'Cold a Long Time,' on Duncan MacPherson

Reviewing John Leake's "Cold A Long Time: An Alpine Mystery," which investigates what caused -- and covered up -- the death of Duncan MacPherson, the New York Islanders 1984 first-round draft pick.

Nino Niederreiter Isn't Alone: 2010 NHL Draft's Tough Rookie Years


The struggles New York Islanders fans saw in Nino Niederreiter's rookie year are quite common for 19-year-old NHLers -- and in fact they troubled Niederreiter's fellow 2010 draft picks Erik...

Four Years Later: The New York Islanders' Pivotal 2008 Draft


The New York Islanders' 2008 draft is worth a periodic revisit because eight of its 13 picks still represent a pivotal cog in the franchise's rebuild.

Retro Video: Milbury Tries to Deal at 1997 NHL Draft

CBC video from 1998 shows Mike Milbury trying to wheel and deal with his extra first-round pick at the 1997 draft, talking to the Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Draft Bust Debate: Patrik Stefan vs. ... Rick DiPietro?


What makes a draft bust? Is it overreaching by the drafting team, or is it a player's failure to meet his pre-draft hype through the whole of his career? Or perhaps a combination of both?

New York Islanders Defense Depth Chart after 2012 NHL Draft


How the New York Islanders organizational depth chart stacks up on defense after the 2012 NHL Draft and before the free agency period opens July 1.

LHH Zeitgeist EXCLUSIVE: Garth Snow's Pre-Draft Itinerary


What was Garth Snow thinking when offered a shocking trade of draft picks to Columbus GM Scott Howson? A procured e-mail from the Islanders may have the answers. Or it might be a parody.

NHL Draft 2012: Trent Klatt on the Islanders Draft Haul


The New York Islanders selected only defensemen in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, but player development lead Trent Klatt says that wasn't exactly by design.

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