New York Islanders History

Yashin Interview: Isles moments & turtlenecks

Former Islanders captain Alexei Yashin sat down with Lighthouse Hockey for an interview covering his new role with the Russian Women's National hockey team, the time he broke a Ranger's nose and...

Law & Owners Special Islanders Unit: John Pickett


Part Six of the series. John O. Pickett was once the Islanders' hero, helping a financially disorganized team into its dynasty era. But after years of neglect & with decisions that still affect it...

Law & Owners Sp. Isles Unit: Dolan & Steinbrenner

Part Five of the series. Cablevision founder Charles Dolan and Yankees owner George Steinbrenner both kicked the tires on the Islanders at different points in the franchise's life. While neither...

DiPietro: The Rise, The Fall, The End?

Often the butt of jokes stemming from conditions beyond his control, Rick DiPietro is in Bridgeport now. If we never see him in an Islanders uniform again, we can recall the reality of why he rose,...

Okposo's 100th: Another homegrown Isles milestone


It's been a long time, but the Islanders are finally drafting and keeping talent again.

Law & Owners SIU: Gluckstern & Milstein


Part Four of the series. Riding in following the criminal Spano Affair, Steven Gluckstern & the Milstein brothers, Howard & Edward, painted themselves as the Islanders' heroes. Instead, they turned...


Don't Take Fort Neverlose for Granted

The Coliseum deserves a proper send off -- and we need to make sure it gets just that. Pack her to the gills and make sure good times see her out.

Looking Back: Two Careers, One Islanders Camp


A look back at the 2010 New York Islanders training camp reminds us how opportunity and chance play a huge part in who makes the NHL, and who ends up having to take their career to Europe.

Law & Owners Special Islanders Unit: Roy Boe

Part three in the series. Roy Boe, the Islanders' first owner, unknowingly established their long standing team tradition of being hard up for cash. Boe's mounting debts with the Islanders and Nets...

Law & Owners Special Isles Unit: Walsh & Greenwood


Part two of the series. Stephen Walsh & Paul Greenwood were minority owners of the Islanders for about four years. Today, they face much more time than that in prison for bilking retirement funds &...

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