New York Islanders History

Retro Game Thread Isles Vs Penguins 1982


Join us in watching the 1982 game 5 of the Islanders/Penguins series.

Isles Christmas Album: Gang Vocals & Holiday Cheer


Before they were a Dynasty for the ages, the Islanders were Long Island's lovable blue collar team. And in 1979, they gave the community a Christmas present that has been lost to time.

Rick DiPietro Returns. (To the ice.) (Elsewhere.)


Rick DiPietro is back. Kind of. You needn't worry about it.

Luongo on GM Who Traded Him: 'I've seen him on TV'


Yeah, they're revisiting the Roberto Luongo trade again and we are too. But in this one there is some comfort in the distance that now separates the present from the Draft Day Massacre.

Injuries, Illness and the Curse of Billy Smith


Billy Smith manned the Islanders crease for two decade, and the club has spent the next two decades sifting through injuries and illnesses searching for his replacement.

Highlights: Official now, John Tavares is captain


In accordance with the prophecies, one John Tavares was officially named New York Islanders captain today before the Islanders annual charity golf outing.

Death Of A Fisherman


The Islanders' Fisherman jersey is the tin-standard among bad sweater designs. But with some newcomers challenging for the title, it's important to see the lessons behind the chaos.

Capuano: Not Tenured, but Growing in Tenure


Jack Capuano has the ninth-longest tenure of active NHL coaches, and eight coaches have guided two teams in his time as head coach of the New York Islanders.

Islanders All-Time National Greats


Jumping off the Puck Daddy exercise, we surf for the best-ever New York Islanders from each country, large and small.

History: Jimmy Carson was almost an Islander


The first thing to remember about Carson is that he really was immensely talented at hockey. The second thing to remember is that he had other things to do.


Summer Q: Add which ex-Isle via your time machine?


If you could any New York Islanders great in his prime to today's roster, would you go sentimental, or functional?


Retro Clip: Isles TV promo at end of Turgeon era

Back in 1995, an odd Isles promo evokes mid-90s broadcasting and what could have been on the ice.


'Epic' Road Trip: Your favorite Isles memories?

The Palffy retirement has me all nostalgic, so I thought what a great time to look back on all our memories that shaped our love for this team.

Palffy Panel: Memories of the one-man Island(er)


The "kiss" with Travis Green, the breakaways, and the contract dispute where everyone was on Ziggy Palffy's side.

Palffy: Farley/Candy Quotes and Fischler dances


Ziggy Palffy was a favorite of fans and media alike. He made Stan Fischler dance.

Ziggy Palffy: You had to be there.


Before streaming video, before lockouts were routine, before the Isles found stable ownership ... there was Ziggy Palffy, the best show in town.

Palffy Video, Memories Part I: Oh, my, those hands


Ziggy Palffy was a great Islander in his prime, but he was also a great player for Team Slovakia all the way up to his retirement.

Ex-captains Weight, Guerin honored by a Hall


Two former (albeit brief) New York Islanders captains are included in the United States Hockey Hall of Fame 2013 class.

This Day in Islanders History: Trottier Wins Hart


With John Tavares nominated for the Hart Trophy this season, we take a look back at Islanders' legend Bryan Trottier's MVP season in 1979.

Today in Isles History: June 10, a coach is hired


On June 10, 1973, Bill Torrey hired the only coach he'd ever need.

Today in Isles History: June 8, the build begins


On June 8, 1972, the Architect began assembling the pieces that would make the Isles the NHL's best franchise.


Poll: Biggest Islanders goals of far

With the regular season winding down, I thought it would be fun to pick out the "biggest" goals of the 2013 New York Islanders thus far.

Movie Review: The John Spano Saga in 'Big Shot'


The ESPN 30-for-30 doc is about more than just John Spano's fraudulent near-purchase of the Islanders in 1996. Director Kevin Connolly uses vintage video, memories and humor to craft a must-see...

Forgotten Isles: Wendel Clark


Wendel Clark, Toronto's super hero, spent 58 somewhat productive games as a New York Islander in 1995-96. But his tenure wasn't nearly as memorable or as volcanic as his time with the Leafs.

Law & Owners Special Islanders Unit: John Spano


The seventh and final chapter in the series. John Spano conned the NHL and almost bought the Islanders in 1996. But what seems like a bizarre, isolated incident speaks volumes about the Islanders,...

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