Islanders Move to Brooklyn

Dear Brett: Winning is the best marketing plan


Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark has a lot of ideas for marketing the Islanders. But the only one he needs is out of his hands. The best way - possibly the only way - to make the Islanders'...

Brooklyn: Isles would play 6 games at Coliseum


After luring the Islanders to Brooklyn, Bruce Ratner wants to move them back to Nassau ... for six games per season.

Announcement: Brooklyn Preseason Game, Take 2


Tickets go on sale April 17 at 10 a.m. for the Islanders preseason game in Brooklyn.


Let There Be Hope: A New Beginning in Brooklyn

photo by Bruce Bennett via Hope grows in Brooklyn for the once, and perhaps future, model franchise of the NHL. As I've mentioned so many times and in so many places, the...

On Brooklyn: What are Isles stepping into here?


Some good reads and views on how Brooklyn will be changed by the Barclays Center three years before the New York Islanders call it home.

How will you say goodbye to the Coliseum?


Even for New York Islanders fans who embrace Brooklyn as a new beginning, this week's news raise the question of how we'll say goodbye to a beloved old venue.

Brooklyn Reflections: Dynasty Warriors


The Islanders were the NHL's last true dynasty. Now, with the team moving to Brooklyn in 2015, its crystal clear that Nassau County itself did more damage to the dynasty than any other team ever...

Isles to Brooklyn: Dodging the relocation Blues


As far as franchise relocation goes, the New York Islanders' move to Brooklyn is the best that one can hope for.

News Bits: Islanders-Brooklyn Coverage


All the New York Islanders/Brooklyn coverage that's fit to link.

Brooklyn Reflections: A new hope?


Getting arena resolution is a reward for all of the New York Islanders fans who suffered through uncertainty and the leanest of lean years.


Official: New York Islanders Moving to Brooklyn


The New York Islanders aren't changing their name, they aren't changing their ownership, but they will be playing in a new building for the 2015-16 season.

Major Isles Announcement at Barclays Center


The New York Islanders plan a major announcement at Barclays Center with arena developer Bruce Ratner, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Prokhorov: Well, maybe hockey. In 2015 perhaps.


Brooklyn Nets owner says he could maybe possibly think about hockey in his new arena, say perhaps in 2015.

Video: Tour the New Brooklyn Arena, Which Is Not Locked Out


The first sports even scheduled for the new Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn will probably not be the New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils preseason game Oct. 2. But that doesn't mean Isles...

Photos: Brooklyn Ice Rink Takes Shape, With or Without Tenant

Photos of the Barclays Center taking shape reveal the ice rink that may one day host New York Islanders NHL hockey in Brooklyn.

Bits: Of Course Brooklyn Still Covets the Islanders

Brooklyn still wants the New York Islanders, because they have a new arena and would like another tenant, thanks.

Monday Musing: Would the Brooklyn Islanders Thing Work?


The New Jersey Nets have begun their branding assault on Brooklyn, a ripe environment for them to invade. Could the New York Islanders pull off the same for hockey? Would there be hockey fans to...

Today's Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast: Cloudy with Partial Danza

In the interest of keeping fans abreast of the latest news, Lighthouse Hockey is proud to introduce the Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast, a convenient widget tracking the team's possible migration...

Bits: Ratner 'Trying Like Hell' to Get Islanders to Brooklyn; DiPietro Off IR

Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner really wants the New York Islanders to move to Brooklyn.

Islanders Bits: Brooklyn Arena Inside View


The New York Islanders will play a preseason game in Brooklyn, where the sight lines will be tight and right on top of the action.

Video: Islanders Owner Charles Wang Talks Brooklyn, Salary Cap Floor


New York Islanders owner Charles Wang thanked fans for their patience and shared frustration with politicians in the lengthy process to find a new home after the team's lease at Nassau Coliseum is...

New York Islanders/MSG Just Happen To Interview Brooklyn Barclays Center Developer Bruce Ratner


The New York Islanders may be Brooklyn-bound, and an intermission interview with Barclay's Center developer Bruce Ratner was just one more shot at Nassau County to indicate they're serious.

Islanders To Play Preseason Game in Brooklyn; Ironic Glasses Optional


Rumors are confirmed as the New York Islanders announce they will hold a preseason game in Brooklyn's Barclay's Center in 2012.

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