Lighthouse Zeitgeist

Humor, parody, fiction and other things to make us laugh from the New York Islanders and the wider world of hockey.

Self-Destructing Isles Introduce Second Mascot


Losers of eight straight and sporting the NHL's worst penalty kill, half a dozen slumping forwards and inadequate goaltending, the New York Islanders have brought along a new friend to delight fans...

Isles Primer for Western Conference Teams & Fans


The New York Islanders begin a five game road trip against some Western Conference teams that probably have no idea that the islanders are still in the NHL. Fortunately, we at Lighthouse Hockey...

Zeitgeist: Isles fans flock to annual Drift Party


Despite being cancelled last season, the yearly event in which Islanders fans say goodbye to their favorite team and move on their lives is bigger and more popular than ever. (satire)

Efficiency, Thy Name Is Eric Boulton.


Eric Boulton needs not gobs of games nor ice time to make his presence felt on the scoresheet.

Zeitgeist: Transcript of 'The Cappysburg Address'


Following a player's only meeting after their loss in Toronto, Islanders coach Jack Capuano also addressed his team, with some help from Abraham Lincoln. He's a transcript of his stirring...

Zeitgeist: NHL 2013-14 Fandom Cancellation Form


Is your team already out of the playoffs before (American) Thanksgiving? Here's the good news: the NHL has released its Fandom Cancellation Survey today. Simply fill out the PDF, mail it to the...

Bloggers Injured in Violence Over Hockey Stats


A hockey stats related skirmish erupts, causing hysteria on the internet and harming people with sports opinions. Injuries include sore typing fingers, broken forehead blood vessels and raised...

Source: Rob Ford Has Dressed as Leafs Mascot


Toronto mayor Rob Ford has at least once dressed as Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear, Lighthouse Hockey has learned. The video shows the mayor wearing the suit and telling unseen companions, "I...

Congratulations to two-time Cusp champion Wild


Some fans want to win in the long haul, but for the Minnesota Wild, it's best to live in the moment and talk about the championship pedigree and penchant for player development.

Zeitgeist: Dr. Phil's Advice to Stop NHL Violence


The host of television's Number One daytime talk show says it's time for a changing day in the life of the National Hockey League. Dr. Phil offers his tips for how the NHL can end ugly incidents...

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