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This Philly Lawyer Wants Your Team

Having failed to land the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Barroway is reported to be after a purchase of the New York Islanders.

NHL Goals: What's a kicking motion? It depends.

Apparently the NHL governs "kick" goal reviews based on direction from general managers who don't even agree on the direction to give.

Dispatches from Rock Bottom: This is not it.

Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa thought Thursday's 6-1 loss to Dallas was his team's "rock bottom." Then Monday's loss to the Islanders happened. Let an Islanders fan tell you what "rock bottom" is.

Things Isles Fans Can Look For To Close 2013-14

A nice return at the trade deadline and the playoffs may be crossed off the list, but there still are a few things Islanders fans can hope for before the 2013-14 season ends.

Deadline Aftermath: Winners, losers, Kesler factor

In the aftermath, it looks like there were two major factors holding up deals at Wednesday's NHL trade deadline, and Thomas Vanek was the lesser one.


The NHL Trade Deadline: Please Don't F*^k This Up

That is why this NHL Trade Deadline is so depressing for Islander Country. We are trading away what could have been.


Should we stop sending NHLers to Olympics?

It is an age-old question that is amped up a bit because of recent developments close to home, but now is as good a time as any debate this.

Snow's Olympic rant should please the NHL

New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow doesn't often rant for public consumption or go off on anyone on the record. But losing a franchise player can change a man.

On trade rumors and the GM-coach relationship

The most thankless position for a coach, other than trying to win with an unwinnable roster, is trying to win with a roster that has suddenly changed on him.


Snow's Sgt. Brody Method for Attracting UFAs

Nearly five years after getting Martin Biron to sign from Philadelphia, the notion of signing quality UFAs has become nothing more than an annual, improbable hope crushed each July.


Islanders Season Started and Ended vs Metropolitan

If you want an explanation as to why the Islanders will miss the playoffs for the sixth time in seven seasons, you can start by looking at their performance inside the Metropolitan division.

Rangers Fans' Chants Fail to Make the Grade

When you loudly mock the opposing team, you want your barbs to sting. But Rangers fans' attempts just leave Islanders fans with puzzled looks on their faces.

On Faceoffs: Important, but still a coin flip

Faceoffs matter, but let's keep it in perspective.

Vanek Realistic on Extension Talks

Will a Thomas Vanek and the New York Islanders reach agreement on a contract extension? Maybe. Either way, he's not hiding from the question.

Alterna-verse: Isles Record Since Firing Capuano

Since firing head coach Jack Capuano on Dec. 13 after a 1-9-2 run and a nightmarish Western road trip, the New York Islanders are now 5-2-2 under interim coach Y. Lee McRumored

Don't Buy Hurricanes' Junk.

If the Islanders' goalie search continues even with Evgeni Nabokov back from IR, they should resist offers to buy the Hurricanes' junk.

Au Revoir: 3 Players Who Should Leave the Island

As November blues continue into December, it's time Garth Snow sends a few long time Islanders packing.

'Smart & Hard,' Capuano/Hitchcock Perceptions

The same language can be perceived quite differently depending on a team's current form, record, and the eloquence of delivery.

Prospects, Vets: Where do a GM and Coach Align?

Mulling the relationship between GMs and coaches, and when they differ over long-term development vs. short-term gain.

Poulin and Nilsson: Backups may need backup plan

Kevin Poulin and Anders Nilsson. This is not exactly the plan, yet in a sense this was the plan all along: They were supposed to take someone else's job.

The (Many) Trouble(s) with Evaluating Goalies

How should we evaluate how goalies are playing when short-term data is so variable and uninformative?

Isles 'roll' will be tested on 4-game trip

It's odd that the Islanders are seen as being "on a roll" or "finding consistency" or even "surging" after just two -- count 'em -- two wins in a row, but a four-game road trip should help test this narrative.


Chemistry: Will Moulson trade affect young team?

The idea of an elite 1-2 punch in John Tavares and Thomas Vanek is intriguing. However, there is a flip side to the unknown in all of this: The chemistry of this team and the impact of seeing one of their own moving on.

No Pizza for Spicoli: Goodbye Matt Moulson

The Islanders traded winger Matt Moulson to Buffalo for Thomas Vanek in a stunning deal on Sunday night. One writer looks back at the fan favorite and what he represented to this generation of Islanders.

Grabner & Chara: 2 hits, 1 injury, 1 suspension

The NHL is serious about cracking down on hits that target the head. Or maybe they're not.

Streit as an Arrow: Ex-Islander Returns as a Flyer

Mark Streit spent five years as an Islander at a time when seemingly nobody wanted to be one. As Streit returns to Nassau Coliseum as a Philadelphia Flyer, one writer pays tribute to the ex-captain's skills and comportment.

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