Lighthouse Zeitgeist

Humor, parody, fiction and other things to make us laugh from the New York Islanders and the wider world of hockey.

13-14 Atlantic Preview by Alfie's Real Estate Lady


Anita Euhaal is the licensed Detroit-area real estate agent that helped Daniel Alfredsson find a new house after his signing with the Red Wings this summer. Lighthouse Hockey asked Anita for her...

Zeitgeist: Do the John Tavares Workout at Home


Want to work out with John Tavares? Well, forget it. But scrawny wimps and pudgy homebodies can use this economical DIY version to replicate the Islander captain's exhausting off-season training...

Monday Mystery: WHO is the next Isles captain?


The New York Islanders will announce their next captain on Monday, Sept. 9. I wonder who it is?

13-14 Previews: Getzlaf's Barber on the Pacific


Humberto de la Cruz has been the personal barber for Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf for years. Lighthouse Hockey caught up with Humberto to get his unique and comprehensive look at the teams in the...

EA Courts Controversy with NHL 14's "Olympic Mode"


EA Sports gives Lighthouse Hockey an exclusive look inside NHL 14's new "Olympic Mode." For the first time in the series, players can create controversial teams, design bad jerseys and bring gay...


SLIDESHOW: How Nassau Can Win Back the Isles

A step-by-step plan (and rejected Bleacher Report slideshow) on how Nassau County can get the Islanders to stop this silly move to Brooklyn and just come home already. (satire)

NHL Preview: 'Perfect Strangers Timmy & The Bryz'


Tim Thomas and Ilya Bryzgalov star in NHL Network's new original reality sitcom "Perfect Strangers: Timmy & the Bryz." Can a hockey-centric update of a classic 80's show save the network? (parody)

Mangano: Greased Palms & Money Monolith exhibits


County Executive Ed Mangano has announced a spate of new attractions for the soon-to-be redeveloped Nassau Hub. Highlights include a "Greased Palms Across Nassau" art piece and a "Money Under the...

The Final Cappy Exit Interview: XI(b)


Closing up an (apparent) 11-part series of Jack Capuano's nonsensical exit interviews with the 2012 (but not really) - 2013 New York Islanders hockey team.

Exit Interviews: Cappy vs A-Mac vs Frans


Our fictional series of coach exit interviews reaches its inevitable conclusion: Threats by Frans Nielsen to destroy us all.

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