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They $#!% On Me, Too" shirts have arrived!


A new Lighthouse Hockey shirt design that was requested almost immediately and is based on an instantly classic moment that tapped into the deep well of Islanders fan psychosis. Based on Garth...

[Bits] Arbitration Station, Draft Craft


NHL news and notes for Islanders fans. Arbitration season begins, with Islanders goalie Kevin Poulin making his case, the Islanders preseason schedule is released and Josh Ho-Sang stars in a cool...

Poulin Files for Arbitration: What's he want?


A CBA-diving look at what Kevin Poulin might seek after filing for salary arbitration with the New York Islanders.


Hashtag Isles: Free agent frenzy hangover

A periodic sampling of Islanders-like things on da social medias.

Free Agency Hangover: What deals you covet, mock?


After much of the dust has settled from the opening missiles of NHL free agency, we browse around the league to do something totally appropriate for this Independence Day weekend: Covet our...

[4th of July Bits] Snow on Radio, Trade Talks


NHL news and notes for Islanders fans. Garth Snow talks to WFAN, Greg Cronin talks about Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin and a bunch of old boys get back in the club(s). Happy 4th of July.

NHL threatens lockout to curb Isles spending spree


[humor] The NHL made what could be its first move towards a fourth lockout, demanding an end to the recent out-of-control spending by the previously frugal New York Islanders. The NHL is willing to...

[Bits] Double Impact, Claw Giroux, Grand Olli Opry


NHL news and notes for Islanders. The Islanders sign a dynamic duo of Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski, Claude Giroux gets handsy with a cop and the Sharks are imploding before our eyes.


Day 2: Evaluating Grabovski and Kulemin signings

Nikolai Kulemin is a "former 30 goal scorer" in the say way Brad Boyes is a "former 40 goal scorer," but Kulemin's running mate Mikhail Grabovski may make the package deal worth it for the New York...

Kule-Grabs II: Now, where do all the forwards fit?


It didn't take long, after the New York Islanders signed Mikhail Grabovsky and Nikolai Kulemin, for the next question to emerge: Where does everyone fit in this crowded lineup?

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