Hockey Editorial

Grabner & Chara: 2 hits, 1 injury, 1 suspension


The NHL is serious about cracking down on hits that target the head. Or maybe they're not.

Streit as an Arrow: Ex-Islander Returns as a Flyer


Mark Streit spent five years as an Islander at a time when seemingly nobody wanted to be one. As Streit returns to Nassau Coliseum as a Philadelphia Flyer, one writer pays tribute to the...


A Hockey Analytics Preview of the Metro Division

Mainstream media have made their (often bizarre) predictions, but no hockey analytics fans have. Here is one for the Metropolitan Division in 2013-14.

Handy Breakdown of NHL Preseason Suspensions


The 2013-14 NHL season hasn't even started yet, and a bunch of players have already been suspended for their actions in the preseason. This quick list outlines who's in and who's out so far.

Analytics and the Hamonic-MacDonald Split, Take II


Though fans traditionally see Andrew MacDonald and Travis Hamonic as a strong "shutdown" pair, that may be by default and assumption rather than actual evidence.

Rails: Isles camp opener in Brooklyn made for buzz


The Islanders are making a media event out of taking the train to Brooklyn for their first training camp practice, a sign of a grown-up business operation and things to come.

Death Of A Fisherman


The Islanders' Fisherman jersey is the tin-standard among bad sweater designs. But with some newcomers challenging for the title, it's important to see the lessons behind the chaos.

Metro Threat: Carolina and the Staal Attack


The Carolina Hurricanes and New York Islanders have alternated season sweeps the last three seasons, and Carolina will need that to repeat in order to pass the Isles.

Metro Threats: PHI Valediction Forbidding Goalies


If the key question for Columbus is how much of 2014 Sergei Bobrovsky can look like 2013 Sergei Bobrovsky, his former team's X-factor may be how much either of the Flyers' goalies can distance...

Metro Threats: Columbus and the Bobrovsky Factor


Just as no man is an Island, no man is the entirety of the Columbus Blue Jackets. But Sergei Bobrovsky is their X-factor in the Metropolitan Division.

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