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[Bits] NBC Cancels Isles, Leaf Hire, Retro Thread


NHL news and notes for Islanders. NBC doesn't want to show the Islanders on their sports network, Jaroslav Halak is the forgotten key, the Maple Leafs bring a nerd into the gym and a new threat...

[Bits] Always bet on Vanek, Logo No-No?


NHL news and notes for Islanders fans. Thomas Vanek (might be) in trouble with the Feds, David Clarkson is good at throwing punches and little else, Cam Talbot's mask is the Destructor and The...

Friedman: Isles in on Iginla, Cappy gets Fancy


In his final, super-sized 30 Thoughts Column of the season, Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman dishes a little about the Islanders and some things to look for next season.

[Bits] Cap teams won't play...yet


"Steal a gem from a cap-stressed team!" goes the cry in various corners of the Islanders fan universe. As usual, it may not be that easy.

GMs/coaches like options, players like continuity


The partnership between Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin raises a management question: On one hand, GMs like depth and options as a motivator for internal competition. On the other hand,...

Life after Wang: Or, why I don't bother


Would the New York Islanders be better off if and when Charles Wang sells the team? That depends on who buys it and what he does, silly.


Isles Analytics Livecast Monday 7:10 pm

On Monday night, we'll talk about the Islanders offseason from an analytics angle, with illustration, and what's happening currently with the team as it's now constructed.

Can you spell 2014 Islanders without Anders?


A few key free agent signings and a few more veteran returnees could spell a trip to the AHL for Anders Lee in 2014-15

[Bits] Kabanov their rocker, Brodeur Boys, Coyotes


NHL news and notes for Islanders fans. A deeper look into the Islanders cutting loose Kirill Kabanov, Martin Brodeur and his sons are all looking for a way into the NHL and Mike Ribeiro holds no...

Needs: Internal competition, physical defense?


The New York Islanders have created internal competition and an abundance of puck-moving defensemen. Will they suffer a lack of physicality?

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